10 Fashion Errors That Make You Look Older (Are You Wearing Any of These?)



haven’t yet met a woman who would deliberately wear something to make her look older and fatter. But it is quite surprising to see that many women wear some clothing and fashion items that are ‘in fashion’ but unfortunately, don’t suit them and in turn, they look older than they really are.

Like I’ve mentioned many times before on LaBeaute, don’t just follow a fashion trend because it’s ‘fashion’. If it doesn’t suit your body shape or it doesn’t suit you for some unknown reason, don’t wear it! It will more often than not, make you look a lot older than you already are!

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It is not about big-headedness that keeps us to desire to appear younger. It is just some people don’t feel old inside, so why would they want to look older in front of the whole world? Here is a list of the ten things people do that makes them look older, so I hope you aren’t doing any of them! Don’t wish away your youth!

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Wearing Tweed

Now, many fabrics have a young-looking vibe, for example, denim, but tweed is quite the opposite and has a matronly air. If you are opting for a bit of menswear look, you can choose oversized hounds-tooth or pinstripes rather than wearing tweed. Some women can definitely wear tweed, but just keep in mind that it’s not a ‘young look’.


Okay, I know cardigans are warm and cosy are are staples in our wardrobe, especially in Spring and Fall, but they can also go out of fashion raelly quick. You must make sure you buy the right cardigans! I’m not saying cardigans are a complete no-no, but you have to be very careful which cardigans you wear! If you buy cheap cardigans or the wrong one, it may lack the cut or shape and will be unflattering on you. A cardigan worn wrong, draws attention to your lumps and bumps, so a blazer and a jacket will be a far better choice, especially the ones that have a collar and set-in sleeves. Another fashion no is to never tie a cardigan around your hips, especially if you have big hips because it doesn’t conceal them, instead, it makes them look bigger.

If you are a fan of cardigans, make sure you you get advice and inspiration from other fashion bloggers about the ones in fashion, it’s something I can’t really help you guys with as I myself aren’t a huge cardigan wearer!

Loud or Too Little Makeup

A gaudy blush and lipstick can look just as aging as a no-makeup look. If you are not sure what will suit you and from where to start, pick neutral makeup shades to just brighten you up a little and keep you in the safe zone. Also add in a little extra wow by incorporating this liquid eye-shadow product that makeup-artists are raving about. I’ve talked about it here (#3). Don’t forget to STAY TUNED to me here at LaBeaute.org as I will have some makeup tutorials and some interesting blog posts like the best blush for your skin type! I’m currently trialing and testing a few different blushes and will have some awesome content for you soon 🙂

What About Dyed Gray Hair?

Well, I must add that gray hair never makes you look younger, no matter how beautiful you are. And yes I know what you’re thinking that there is a gray hair trend at the moment so why are you telling us not to dye our hair grey. Well simply, like I said above, just because people do it and there is an apparent ‘trend’, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s flattering! You must try to look as youthful as possible in your middle age and you can try dying your hair gray when you land in the senior age, you might look cool with gray hair then.

At a younger age, don’t go for such shades and try the ones that are appropriate for your skin type. If you still like the grey look, tone it down a little bit and combine it with other colors to make your hair look more youthful.

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Oops! Mom Jeans

Mom jeans a.k.a. broad in the beam, high waist jeans look absolutely outdated and unattractive. Almost every clothing brand has come out with jeans that complement middle-aged women, but then what’s the use of wearing something that looks so brash? If you are Mom, it’s totally ok, because your pregnant body shape suits these Mom jeans – that’s what they were invented for. But if you aren’t, just please, stop wearing them!

If you have a nice body – why are you hiding it away in such awful jeans that don’t complement your body at all? I just don’t get why some people wear things simply because ‘they are in fashion’ when it simply looks yuck on them. There is so many other flattering jeans out there, why pick these of all? And if you are a Mom, don’t believe the ‘Mom Jeans’ are you only option either – believe me, I met a lady the other day that explained to me that as soon as you have kids, all you wear after that are Mom Jeans. That is so not true. She just doesn’t spend enough time finding the right jeans to suit her body shape, and Mom Jeans are the easiest ‘go to’ option! If you are a Mom and want some fashion and style inspiration, check out this Mom blog.

Perching On Reading Glasses

Of course, they are a necessity if you are nearsighted, but no woman has ever seemed youthful with a pair of reading glasses sitting on the end of her nose, plus the chain that comes with it enables them to stay with you? Well, even that too makes you look older. If you really want to wear reading glasses, choose the ones that are cute and fun, especially those that come with any embellishments and with the correct frame!

So Called ‘Comfort Shoes’

If you want to destroy a decently noble look – go and wear comfort sandals or ballerina flats. When choosing flat shoes, it’s important that you pick styles and colors that make you look younger and modern. The market is flooded with many cute and comfortable shoes without the characteristics of so-called sensible shoes.

If you really wish to seek comfort, at least pay attention to style too since plain-looking shoes can almost destroy a good-looking outfit coming off as bulky and unappealing. I know that comfort is our #1 priority – but not so much so that you ruin your entire outfit that you look 10 years older!

Shades That Take Your Youth Away

A thing that rapidly adds years to your face is wearing the wrong shade of dresses. Yes, there are colors that can make you look drained out and you must avoid them. Often, lime greens, oranges and purples do not suit many people, so choose the right shades to brighten up your skin. Wearing the right color for your skin color is very important and can make or break your fashion sense. I’ll soon upload a blog post about this because I know how important wearing the right fashion colors are. Same goes for makeup too – if you’ll end up wearing the incorrect lipstick and blush, you’ll look pallid.

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Believe it or not, even if you don’t dress in fashion, by carrying a handbag that is in fashion, you will look trendy. A handbag is a staple fashion item that can really make you look younger or older. Do you still take that 15-year-old logo bag out with you? Fashion has really updated the look of handbags over the years and carrying an old-fashioned handbag makes you look elderly. Try modernized options, like cute leather bags or cross-body bags.

Your Workout Clothes

In my humble opinion, capris, socks, and sneakers look absolutely yuck. Instead of choosing the typical white sneakers, go for slip-on mules or converse style sneakers to avoid that old lady appearance. If you can’t afford brand name working clothing, at least opt for a pair of sneakers that are fashionable.

Like I mentioned above, I will soon be doing some makeup tutorials but if you want a few makeup tricks to make sure you look your age, you can check out this interesting post.

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  • Becky
    February 23, 2018

    Interesting blog post. I’m pale as pale can be and I agree, lime green and orange look horrid on me! So true!!!

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