10 Party Dresses Under $100 (& 1 Dress Under $20!)



appy Holidays everyone! The festive season is well and truly in full swing – we are only 1 week away from Christmas! This is truly my favorite time of year! As the busiest month for everyone and for me, between Christmas shopping for others, and getting a few little things for myself (such as these), aswell as setting goals for the New Year, it’s also a month of festive fun, dinners, parties and endless celebrations! Aswell as being the busiest month of the year, it’s also the most expensive. Hence, why any bargains that I can pick up along the way, is massive for me!

For my family, there is not only Christmas, but there is also a few birthday’s, end of year celebration parties and of course, New Year’s Eve. And with all these festivities, that means, that I like to spend that little extra time and money on making myself look really pretty and flawless. It’s fun to get something new to wear, but at the same time, it can be so utterly exhaustingly (< is that even a word?) expensive!

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So today I thought was just the right time to squeeze in a little shopping for ourselves and share with all my beautiful ladies, some beautiful holiday party dresses, all for under $100! AND there is even one dress which is unbelievably under $20 (which is one of my personal favorites aswell).

I think spending under $100 for a quality dress is just the right price point, in comparison to some dresses I found online by big reputable sites like Elle, which you can read here, the dresses are horrid and they are so expensive!? I mean – who has the money at this time of year to spend that much, and on dresses that I personally believe are pretty ugly, that’s just my opinion…Check them out for yourself!

I personally love all of these, as they are just my style. They are not only party dresses for any occasion, but now in the festive season, they are perfect choices if you have a Christmas Party, Christmas Day celebration or want a New Year’s Eve dress. But not only are they beautiful, they are party dresses that are under $100, with more than half of these going out dresses under $50, a few under $30 and 1 cheap party dress under $20!

10 Party Dresses Under $100


Off the Shoulder Satin Dress. This is a stunning fit and flare special occasion dress with a luxurious satin look. Updated: After uploading this, sadly, this dress is now Sold Out. I will update to let you know when it’s available again. I’m not going to delete it for now as I’m hoping it will be restocked soon. Available at: Nordstrom


Red Sequin Dress. In the color burgundy, this is the ultimate feminine sequin midi dress for this festive season. With mini sequins, spaghetti straps and a low back, it also has an elegant side split. Available at: MotelRocks


Top & Pencil Skirt Set. Technically, this isn’t a dress but it looks like one. I love it because it’s a two piece set that is disguised as a dress. I personally love buying top and skirt sets like this because you can mix and match the top/skirt for another event, without it looking like you have doubled up on the same outfit if the same people will be attending another event with you. And depending on your body type, sometimes skirt and top sets can be more flattering. I personally find they are for me. I also love the cold shoulder style of this one in particular as I’ve started noticing that other bloggers online are opting for this style too. It’s so natural and feminine and really appealing for a woman to wear open shoulder clothing. Available at: Forever21


Satin Strapless Midi Party Dress. Again, this is a color that I don’t typically wear but I absolutely love. I love this dress for a few reasons, the color (as it’s against the colors that I normally go for), it has a flattering length (for curvier women like me), it has a flattering bandeu neckline and a glamorous and dramatic thigh high split. It’s hard not to feel sexy in this one. Available at: Meshki


Velvet Dinner Dress. This evening dress under $100 is an elegant NA-KD Trend overlap dress that is made of Velvet and has cold shoulders (I talk about this below), long sleeves and spaghetti straps. As I mentioned in this blog post here, velvet is something that I have completely avoided with passion all my life. I’ve never ever been into velvet or purchased anything velvet before, until now….Plus, I think this is a perfect evening dress for Fall and to add to your Winter Wardrobe. After seeing a growing trend on personal style blogs, such as Emma’s, aswell as many fashion bloggers wearing and styling with velvet, it is truly in fashion this Winter. Available At: Na-Kd (Since uploading this blog post, this dress is actually trending online!)


Black Evening Dress & Under $20! Now this one right here, is one of my absolutely favorites and No, it’s not because of the price. The price, although it’s a bonus, the dress is just absolutely stunning. I ordered it a few days ago (whilst writing this blog post) and I can’t wait for it to arrive and for me to wear it. Itt looks so comfortable, it has the most flattering mermaid silhouette design, a feminine ruffle hem, flattering off the shoulder neckline and darting bodice. I literally, can’t wait to wear this one! Available at: Forever21


Mini Sequin Dress. This one right here is the most expensive and the most sparkly party dress on my list. Sequin’s are perfect for any party occasion. Just combine this with metallic heels and a clutch and your ready to get your party on. This one, although around $100, is still a lot cheaper than what Harpers Bazaar recommends, and again, like I mentioned above with Elle.com, don’t you reckon their ‘trends’ and ‘holiday outfits’ are so ugly? Would you dear to wear what they suggest?! You would never see me in one of them! Available at: TopShop


Mermaid Silhouette Dress (Inc Plus Size). Are you a little curvy or want to buy a plus size dress? Then this is a stunning mermaid silhouette dress available in red and black which, although it’s perfect for both curvy and non-curvy women, it’s an extra special dress for curvy women as it enhances those curves! And if you don’t have curves, it creates them 🙂 This is a perfect going out dress for those who fit into larger sizes. It’s made of cotton, nylon and spandex, meaning it’s comfort able and stretchy. It has a beautiful off the shoulder design with a beautiful neckline, short sleeves, back seam and concealed zipper. I wasn’t looking to buy this dress myself, but was originally inspired to search for plus size fashion which I found similar styles online from other plus size women. I think it’s awesome that bloggers share their stories as we all don’t have the same body type or shape and the more help and fashion/style tips we can give each other the better. This was a perfect find for my cousin who needed a comfortable and appealing plus size dress for her work Christmas Party. And for Under $60, it was an excellent buy! Available at: Forever21


Plunge Neck BodyCon Dress. With longer sleeves and a glamorous plunging neckline, this dress is perfect for Fall and Winter. Made of sequins, this bodycon dress is a flattering fit and is a great staple to have for any party occasion, especially if you want to buy a black sequin party dress. Available at: MotelRocks


Choker Neck Pencil Dress. This is the plainest dress you will find on my list and one of the most classiest, however, it has a purpose – it’s for those nights that you don’t feel like wearing something sparkly and flashy like the above. I wore a similar dress to this for work related event. It has a little more detail than a normal chocker neck dress with a cut out detail, kick split and bodycon fit. NOW Half Price. Available at: ASOS

What you may have noticed about most of these dresses is that they are all feminine, with beautiful neck lines or hems. This is something that I’ve noticed lately, whilst browsing fashion and personal blogs is that ruffles and shoulder-less styles are in fashion, like this one here. The same should be said with dresses. So no matter if you need a holiday party dress, NYE dress, birthday dress, date night dress or a dress for any occasion, whether you go for any of the dresses above or others, the above designs are the ones in fashion and make you feel most feminine 🙂

What you  may have noticed out of the above is that I have not included a dress with lace. This is because I am not a big fan of lace. Like I mentioned above with Velvet, lace is not a common purchase for me. I am growing to like it, but for this reason, it has not been included in the dresses above.

Let me know what you think below, I’d love to hear which ones are you favorite.

Take Care loves this holiday season!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Stay safe and I’ll talk to you in my next post!

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  • Bee
    February 20, 2018

    Oh my! I love #6 too and I can’t believe it’s so cheap! You have awesome style!

  • Jessy
    March 5, 2018

    Elle you are fantastic! You have the best style advice. There really isn’t that many blogs that share actual good fashion sense like you. Everyone also seems to be so out there with their fashion. I appreciate how you share normal fashion style for normal people. Thanks a lot. Jessy

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