3 Simple Ways To Find Serenity in Your Life



h hello, Peace of Mind, where are you and where have you been? These are the phrases coiled on my tongue almost every weekend. It is the feeling of being overwhelmed that completely makes me lose any serenity in my life. Sound familiar?

The lack of serenity in our lives makes us doubt quietude. It also makes you  have a fear of the future, an uncertainty of the present, dread of leaving things undone and a constant feeling of not being able to accomplish things in time. This is totally me all over, does that sound like you also? Is it so?

So to celebrate the start of a new month, I thought it was a great way start with a little self development. And plus, I’ll be sticking to the goal of blogging about self development on a monthly basis, like how I mentioned in last month’s Self Development blog post, How to Have a More Meaningful Life.

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even really know what the true meaning of serenity was. Maybe because it lacked so much in my life or I never really took the time to understand what it meant and how I should be living with more serenity in my life. Either way, the meaning of serenity (thanks dictionary) is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

But, what really is the true meaning of serenity?

Well, you reach serenity when you are able to sleep undisturbed. Realistically, it’s a sleep free from thoughts that keep you up all night. You have a calmness of mind when you don’t have to worry what tomorrow will bring for you. Finding serenity begins from within and finding happiness in small things starts when you are comfortable in your skin. It’s also means, being able to wake up each and every morning with a smile on your face and continue your day without any stressful or emotionally draining thoughts.

But, does it seem impossible to be happy sometimes?

No! That’s not the way to say it. It’s like giving up. In today’s blog post, I’m going to tell you how to control your feelings of insecurity and find appreciation in life as appreciation is all about finding the serenity in small things.

LaBeaute Quote for Today: If You Change the Way You Look at Things, The Things You Look at, Change


But The Right Way….

When you lie down to sleep at night, does your mind become calculating and wanders to places you’ve never imagined to be? Whether it be happy or sad depending on your day/your mood? Personally, while I am on the verge of deep sleep, I do take time to reflect back on my day. I’ve already explained in a recent blog post, what I do at night that helps me practice in being a more positive person.

But I don’t reflect on anything I accomplished, or anything ‘big’ or ‘groundbreaking’. I focus on the small joys of my everyday. So the advice here is to focus down on the little moments in your life. These are moments we usually forget to ponder upon and internalize. It can be anything that makes you happy from the first sip of your coffee to the sweet little banter with your best friend. Mulling over on your day and nocturnally engaging with each little moment in your life does not only provide you with peace of mind but helps you to keep track of your joys in the simplest forms. I find nighttime to be the best stage for cogitating and rejoicing because it provides me a direction for handling the next day. Reflecting is merely like organizing your (mind) inventory of good, bad, and ugly.


But Write Something That Matters…

Keeping a journal, a personal notebook or a diary can be a great way for some serious brain-dumping. Some people just can’t deal with thinking, they feel like jotting down all their problems, crisis, and important events down and if you are up for it, there’s nothing more brilliant than mind-mapping with a pen and paper. If you write your thoughts down, no matter how big or small, you’ll slowly feel yourself etching closer to serenity.

Drafting one or two small things makes you realize their importance and trust me – small things can carry lovely messages and somehow are even more meaningful for us than the big things. Being attentive to small things and moments in your life will make you less aggravated towards them. To find greater happiness in life, you need to concentrate on the littlest of things. For some other useful information, you can read enjoying the simple things.

Digital Detox

Part Detox or Full Detox? You Decide..

Ever heard of that? I’m sure you would have! Still, I’ll explain. Going through a ‘digital detox’ is typically about  eliminating digital distractions, i.e. mobile phone, TV, laptop, every darn techy thing from your life’s agenda – but apart from it’s typical application – it also means more than that, read on to see what I mean! But more importantly, it’s not just the fact that you are detoxing yourself from technology that is normally stuck to you 24/7. It’s more so the fact that you are detoxing yourself for a toxic, unrealistic environment of everyone and everything looking completely perfect and flawless on Instagram and social media, which, let’s be honest, is really not the case. I especially think this article that I read the other day, really struck a cord with me and it is 100% true – life isn’t all about Instagram.

Typically, people like to have a detox for  a day, two days or a week, depending on how much patience and workload you’ve got. Sounds unreal, right? But once you do it – your life will feel enlivened and cleansed. It is a great way to relax, to unwind, and to think about life, to contemplate about nature and every small thing that you’ve never paid heed to.

However, if you think that your work schedule does not allow you to completely bid “Adieus” to your digital devices. Then, simply indulge in some partial digital cleansing by at least changing your morning routine, for example, how many of you check your phone first thing in the morning? By not checking your phone first thing in the morning, it can make a big difference to your day. Maybe you should stop doing that! Alternatively, other small changes you can make are to to start removing unnecessary emails from your inbox, unsubscribing from useless newsletters, and you may never know while doing this, you may encounter an old memory or an old email you sent to your friend and that may just something that might pull at your heartstrings and give you the thought to reconnect with people that you haven’t done in a while. Doing small things can be the greatest of activity with a payback of lasting happiness.

I’ve only included 3 ways above because I find the smallest steps that we can take, can make the biggest difference. If you are already doing the above and are looking for more ways to feel inner peace during times of chaos, you can read this Huffington post article here. Also, check out this blog for more on self reflection and perspective.

So there you have it. 3 simple and easy ways that you can incorporate the feeling of serenity in your everyday life. Remember, the smallest things in life, actually give us the greatest joy!

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