Want to work with me?

I’m very flattered and I’d love to hear from you!

No matter how small or big you or your brand is, I will always have time to listen to you. I like to support and promote anyone I can, even if you are an individual seeking more exposure, a small business or a worldwide brand. I will consider working with those that will make my life and my readers life more beautiful! (AND NO it doesn’t have to be a beauty product or a ‘beauty’ related way, when I say more beautiful, I mean that your proposal needs to bring beauty to our life – make life more beautiful, more beneficial, more rewarding and more fulfilling it whatever way it may be).

e.g. I regularly support and try and promote new bloggers on my blog to give them a chance to shoot for the stars. So no matter how small or big you may be, just send me an email so we can discuss your proposal further.

I seek in this world to explore and learn as much as I can! And the whole purpose of my own personal blog is to share what I know with the world. If you have something that you think I might be interested in, I love to hear what it is.

Please note that due genuine nature and that I am loyal to my readers, I will only take a limited number of proposals as I only like to share what I think is genuine. So please, when you contact me, please don’t be demanding.

Please send me an email: hello@labeaute.org

Have a beautiful day!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!