Animal Print is Back in Fashion! But How To Wear Animal Print & Not Look Old?!



earing animal print is well and truly back in fashion. Thank goodness because animal print fashion, shoes and accessories are literally, one of my one true loves! However, I also know that older ladies have been ridiculously indulging in mom jeans, fanny packs and animal prints for years, which has kind of given the fashion of wearing animal prints a bad name. I just love animal print and I am not going to let the older generation that wear it distastefully, ruin the fun in it for me.

If you like wearing animal print or are thinking of purchasing animal print, there is quite a few things you need to know to ensure you are NOT making yourself look older than you are! Read on for some Do’s and Dont’s where it comes to wearing animal print. All you need to know is that wearing animal print is back in fashion! You just need to know how to wear leopard print!

I know this for myself as my husband regularly says to me that the new pair of animal print sneakers or animal print scarf I bought ‘look like they should be worn by an older woman’. I THINK NOT. And he continuously says it to me regardless of the fact that wearing and accessorize myself with animal print is one of my favorite things to do and wear!

I don’t take my husband’s advice when it comes to fashion, because I know older women have given wearing leopard print a bad name. But in this day and age, there is so many ways us younger women in our 20’s and 30’s can wear animal print without looking old. You just need to do some fine-tuning to make it work.

I believe animal prints look classy and fab, plus they have been added on dresses, watches, handbags and to almost every fashion item. If they are worn the right way, they can really add exuberance to your skin tone and a lovely veer to your body.

There is variety of good animal prints when it comes to fashion, especially leopard, giraffe and zebra, so if you take on board my advice below, happy animal print wearing!

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How to Wear Animal Print Fashionably

Look For Animal Prints in Typical Things

Animal prints are used in many archetypal things and fail-safe options include a clutch bag, shoes (read below!), a camisole, a trench coat, a twinset and a sheath dress. Animal prints done with clean cuts look best. Please avoid urchasing frills, glitz or ruffles. Save those styles for the older generations.

Keep Animal Prints Toned Down

Animal prints should be left alone and you shouldn’t add anything flashy with them like chunks of jewelry, metallic shoes or bags. Keep the look simple with few statement pieces and you’re done. Couple anything animal print that you wear with white, black or nude. Only mix with red if you really want to stand out, for a romantic evening or special event. Combining animal print with red is indeed fine, it’s just very ‘out there’, so don’t use in a casual scenario. You can of course, mix with red accessories such as a red bag or shoes. Leave gold and silver for the older women.

Animal prints look more polished and muted if they are paired with something simple. Try opting for black pair of pants or a skirt, though, white can prove to be a good option too.

Don’t Show Much Skin

Animal prints are a great way to show of your wild side, but in a conservative way, read what I’ve said below. As animal prints look sexy alone; you don’t have to expose a lot of skin to achieve that appearance. Save that for the bedroom. Yes, I am not talking about your arms or shoulders.

Don’t Wear Animal Prints in Weird Shades

There is nothing more off-putting than sporting animal prints in weird shades, for example, hot pink leopard? Purple zebra, yikes! Keep the color original otherwise the kids will laugh at you and your partner may not be that impressed with your choice in style. I know my husband wouldn’t be.

Wear Animal Prints in Small Pieces

This is my biggest piece of advice, if you are just starting out at wearing animal print, wear it in smaller pieces rather than putting on a whole dress. Try picking a handbag, a shoe or a leopard print scarf. There is nothing more stylish that updating a rather boring or plain look with a pair of animal print shoes or scarf. That’s all you need. More on animal print fashion here.

My Favorite Way to Wear Animal Print

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. I have quite a fair few leopard print shoes, from heels, to boots and to sneakers. I love animal print in shoes (despite my husband, like I mentioned above, not liking it at all LOL)

Dress For Your Body Type

If you want to highlight certain body parts, an animal print is the way to go. But never wear an animal print to hide or conceal any of your body parts because it doesn’t do anything to minimize that. Also, avoid wearing animal print leggings, unless you have absolutely stunning, toned legs, otherwise, if you don’t they will make your thighs look bigger than they are (trust me, I’ve tried it and I looked awful, I have no idea what the animal print does, but it makes you look like you have put on 10 pounds easy!). Whenever you wear prints, make certain the print is closely fitted as it will look more flattering, but if you wear the print that is loose, it tends to enlarge your body as you sport it. This is one of the best rule of thumb to nail down your animal print dresses. As always, only ever wear clothes that suit your body shape. Don’t just wear whatever everyone else is wearing. I explained this in a recent blog post, but it’s also a good idea to find inspiration from fashion bloggers, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media of people that have the same body shape as you.

Wearing Animal Prints for the First Time?

Choose an Animal Print Scarf

This may seem like a trivial item but it can do wonders for your look especially if you’re just starting with animal prints. This is especially the best way to add color and jazz up a Spring, Fall or Winter Outfit.

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Wear Animal Prints to Work

A leopard print cardigan draped over a nude top and a pencil skirt can look ravishing for a workday guise. Alternatively, pairing animal print heels with a brown jacket and black leggings is also super stylish.

Never Underrate the Potential of Animal Print Shoes

One of the most laid-back and low-key ways to carry off animal prints is shoes. Wear a simple, plain dress or outfit and pair it with animal print heels or pumps. There is no better way to subtly show your wild side 🙂

Pair It with Jeans

Denim works with everything, even with animal prints as well. Wear a leopard cardigan with dark denim pants for a more weekend appropriate look; it can work in offices too, on a casual Friday.

If All Else Fails

If all else fails and you can’t seem to find a way to incorporate animal print into your life fashion, why not opt for leopard print nails? LOL I’m definitely going to see if my nail girl can try do this next time. I’ve never done it before. What do you think? Leave your comments below!

If ever in doubt, always look online to what fellow women are wearing, including fashionista moms & bloggers!

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