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adies, put a smile on your face because contouring is going nowhere! And of course, don’t we all want to look like the beautiful bronzed Goddesses out there… eg. Kim K, JLO and Nicki Minaj! Although heavy contouring is better be left to celebrity makeup artists, concentrating on creating that naturally, sculpted contoured illusion is not out of bounds for you and me.

Believe me, a little contouring can create that airbrushed appeal and can slim down your own self-proclaimed unpleasant features. After applying your under makeup primer and base foundation (read here for my latest brand of foundation I’m obsessed with), a little sweep of a bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and a brush of highlighter on your upper cheekbones makes a world of difference! Just make certain, you purchase the right kits. Also another tip – always purchase a contour kit that is two tones darker than your natural skin color.

Today, I have compiled some of my personal favorite bronzing and contouring palettes, which I have broken down according to their individual amazing features. They all are spot on in terms of pigmentation, versatility and expectations. Just remember, to contour correctly, you need a palette that has both a highlighter and a bronzer to get that perfect contour. Looking for a bronzer solely, will get you nowhere. Each of the below contour and highlight kits will get the look you are after.

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A Product of Perfection

You might not be surprised to hear the name of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit which has been raved about on almost every blogger’s blogging abode; for it is one of the best contouring and highlighting palettes anyone can buy! This kit is extremely secure and the pans are tightly protected, it means you will experience no cracks, fallout or any mess. I apply this bronzer with the real techniques retractable bronzer brush, which is the best one to pick up the product and apply it correctly. The finish is always smooth, the palette is richly pigmented, so you must be careful with how much product you apply. The results, however, are always, flawlessly chiseled cheeks. With this palette, you get so many options, from basic beginner to advanced contouring, you can’t go wrong with Anastasia bronzer palette.

Helps You Learn Contouring

If I had to choose another top of the range contour kit, I would name the Kat Von D Shade Contour Palette. No doubt the packaging is breathtakingly sturdy and very eye-catching, but the real thing are the contour pans themselves. This palette is truly versatile because it contains everything you will require for proper powder contouring. A sweep of this with my Nars kabuki brush is an impeccable way to achieve razor sharp cheeks. I love this palette as it’s perfect for me and a great example of an excellent contouring palette for dark skin. The pigmentation is awesome, my contour lasts almost throughout the whole day (with only a minor touch up around 3pm) and I have never experienced any fallout with this palette. If you wish to dig deeper into contouring, this should be one of your top choices.

The Best Budget Options

Seriously, Sleek and ELF has some of the best drugstore options (no pun intended) and the their palettes have got me all covered, both for under $20 combined! The ELF retails for under $10! The Sleek retails for under $12! I mostly use either of them on an everyday basis because if you just need to pat on the bronzer; highlighter and blush on the go, these are excellent options. They are also handy sized to pop in your bag. In particular, the Sleek bronzer and highlighter palette also includes one single blush < super handy. It’s a beautiful coral shades blush for daily wear. Both palettes are really smooth to the touch and with my Morphe M500 Brush; there is no difficulty in dabbing either of them. They glide on easily and deliver a lovely, illuminated appeal. Try this if: 1) you can’t be bothered with heavy contouring; 2) you can’t be bothered putting in too much time in getting ready and 3) want a super affordable palette for daily wear. This one is also a great buy as a contouring kit for pale skin.

A Life Saver

Have you ever seen a palette that can conceal your imperfections and provide them a healthy glow at the same time? Let me introduce you to the NYX Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette. This palette is very creamy and with it, I am able to cover my pimples, correct my dark circles, banish my skin redness and use the contour shades to appear naturally tanned and healthy. It is certainly a life saver and a quick way to fulfill all your contouring needs in a jiffy. I use my fingers to pat the product into my skin and with the real techniques stippling brush; I blend the bronzer into my skin. This is a must have for anyone of any skin color.

Final Words

There is an erroneous conception that with a bronzer, one tends to appear dark, especially ladies who are naturally dark skinned. No! A bronzer only tends to darken you when you apply it wrong. So, please learn the techniques of contouring and indulge in some of the best products to help your contouring out.

Have a nice day ladies!

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    Love this! I’m lusting after the Kat Von D palette x

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