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‘ve been wanting to a do a drugstore haul for ages now because I went on a little drugstore makeup spending spree a few months back and I couldn’t wait to share with you all my new purchases. Also, I think we all like to read drugstore hauls and ‘best of drugstore’ find as most of us (if not all of us!) like to get the most value out of the products we buy. Why buy something expensive, when you can get the same product for less than a fifth of the high end price? The reason why I haven’t done it earlier is because I’ve been testing out a few products myself (for an upcoming blog post) so I felt like now was the right time to do my favorite drug store makeup and beauty items which all cost under $20! I am sure some of you (if you don’t have them already), we love them as much as I do! Check them out below.

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Best Drugstore Matt Lipgloss

If  you like the matt look and you love lipgloss (like me!) AND you love to save money, then this Essence Matt Matt Lipgloss will be your new lip friend. I mentioned a few times about Essence makeup products on my blog before (as they have recently been on sale!). I’ve purchased quite a few makeup products from this brand and I must say that I actually like them, especially for the price! And they are cruelty free which is a bonus!

Apart from being exceptionally cheap, they actually have a massive range of different makeup items that are actually really good. In saying that though, although I haven’t tried any horrible ones myself, I have heard a few bloggers talking about a few makeup items that are that great at all – but I can’t attest to that. Generally, a great value makeup brand worth a look! Their range of colors are absolutley beautiful and it’s probably one of the main reasons I love these cheap matt lipglosses is because they suit my skin color perfectly! Aren’t the colors below just so divine? So if you are dark or olive skinned (like me!), these are a great choice if you are looking for more of a neutral, brown look but with still a feminine red/rose pigment to them. If you want to view a demo or want more info, you can view here.

Other Products that I like from this brand: I was going to stop and just leave the lip gloss above, but there are 2 other products that I thought I’d quickly mention. I also especially love the make me brow gel mascara! Brows for me would be another one of my ‘one true loves’. I think I have a whole draw full of eyebrow products, but I’ll save that for another post.

When you can pick up eyebrow products for like $2-4, why not try them out? I say yes to that! It’s another amazing product from the Essence brand. Plus it’s a great brow dupe instead of the paying top dollar for the same product, Benefit Gimme Brow. And I recently bought the gel nail polish and I really like it aswell!

Best Drug Store Mascara

Mascara for me is a must have in my makeup routine. I can’t step out the door without mascara. It’s one of those things where you don’t even have to wear makeup, but if you wear mascara, you look at least half decent to face the world. I have my favorite mascara of all time which doesn’t happen to be a drug-store brand, but over the last couple of months, for the purpose of writing an interesting blog post for LaBeaute, I have been buying drug-store mascara and comparing different brands. I’ll be uploading this new blog post soon (so stay tuned!). So far, I don’t think it comes down the best drugstore mascara in particular, I think it comes down to the best drugstore mascara brand, and that would have to be by far, Maybelline.

They have been one of the most purchased drugstore brands when it comes to mascaras and I remember the likes of my Mum and Aunty buying them many many years back! Either the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – if you want sensational lashes LOL.

Best Drugstore Foundation (For Only $14)

To be completely honest with you guys, I have only been using my high end expensive foundation, which you can read the only foundation brand I use here. I’ve been using these for years now. Until I started LaBeaute and I wanted to start experimenting with drugstore foundations as I know a lot of people and bloggers rav about how good drugstore foundations can be, just as good as expensive foundations. Over the last few months, I’ve been trying a 3-4 drugstore foundations and so far this is my favorite one by far.

Best Drugstore Concealer Under $20

I think we would all agree that concealer is one of those makeup products that is an absolute blessing in disguise. No matter how good your skincare routine is and how much SPF you apply out in the sun to protect your skin, we all have something on our face we want to conceal. Whether it be pimples, acne scarring, uneven skintone or under eye circles, concealer helps us disappear all of the above. My favorite drug store concealer would have to be the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. Not only is the formula great, how it applies is fantastic. The sponge brush offer easy application and provides medium to full coverage – just want I need to vanish my under eye circles. AND in contrast with high end brands, it’s a cheap concealer you can buy under $10! Crazy! Tip: You can also use it as a highlighter if you wish!

One of the main reasons why I like this product? Because it’s lightweight. I’ve tried a few cheap under eye concealer and they felt heavy under my eyes. The last thing that I want is my eyes to feel heavy as it makes me feel tired. This one feels so light that you forget you even applied concealer.

Cushion Highlighter

They say that, once you’ve tried cushion, you’ll never go back. Honestly, I’m a liquid girl when it comes to applying my foundation but when it comes to cushion highlighters, this cushion highlighter from Wet n Wild is definitely a beautiful product to apply and wear. Generally, I have to be honest with you guys, this whole idea of using ‘cushion makeup’ is a relatively new concept for me.

I am not sure how long ‘cushions’ have been around but for me, I know they have been around for a while considering I read about them on a drug-store haul ages ago now, but for me, it’s only relatively new. I found out about cushion foundation in-particular when my husband actually gifted me my new Dior Foundation (YES! I couldn’t believe it!) and a Dior Cushion Foundation came as sample. But honestly, if you don’t have the budget, why not check out drug store alternatives instead. This cushion highlighter is so affordable and goes on beautifully! With absolutely no mess, it’s cruelty free also!

Cruelty Free ♥ Under $10! ♥ Natural Look ♥ Lightweight ♥ No Mess

Favorite Cheap Drugstore Makeup Brand

E.L.F would have to be one of my favorite all-time makeup brands. They products are not only cheap, they are cute to look at, are minimalistic and simple in design, are purposeful and are pretty darn good quality for the price! My newest purchase from E.L.F was a few new makeup brushes which I am currently testing them out and will write a review on them shortly (stay tuned for that!). For the purpose of keeping this blog post short and sweet, I won’t babble on about the brand too much. I think that for starters, you probably know how much I adore this brand. I am in no way sponsored by this brand, so don’t think this is a sponsored post, but if you adore ELF aswell, leave your comment below! Calling all ELF fans! LOL

 Anyway, need I not say anymore, a few goodies include: The ELF Powder Blush Palette (which has been awarded as one of LaBeautes all-time favorite blush palettes) – This one only costs $6.00! You can also get it in cream palette if that suits you (however I am a powder girl!). The ELF Contour Kit is a great budget contour kit aswell! (Also awarded one of LaBeaute’s top contour kits!)

There is a few other drugstore makeup items that I want to try out, like a few that I’ve seen, especially on Juliet’s favorite drugstore makeup. I’ll include a few more once I’ve actually bought them and tried them out. I will also upload a best drugstore buys for skincare shortly too! Stay tuned for that!

Do you have any drugstore favorites? If so, please leave a comment below as I’d love to hear about them!

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  • Suzy
    March 9, 2018

    I’ve been looking at getting the same foundation so I’m glad you are thinking about that one aswell. There is so many foundations, it’s so hard to choose.

  • Belinda
    March 18, 2018

    I love love your blog. Thanks so that much Elle.

  • Devone
    March 23, 2018

    Can you please do more of these type of drugstore blog posts?

  • BeautyAddicted
    March 27, 2018

    I’ve been wanting to try that concealer / highlighter for ages. Just ran out of mine now and will definitely buy this one too. Good value.

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