Speak With Your Eyes With These False Eyelashes


For those of you who have already been up close and personal with fake eye lashes before, you might be aware how difficult things were in the beginning when you were trying to get a hang of the wearing them ‘right’. I remember struggling a lot during my early application days, but eventually my persistence and resilience paid off (I knew it would!)

One fortunate day with regular practice I got a proper hang of it. I felt like that day, I became a pro. Now I apply them in a jiffy. I like to picture myself wearing those dashing eyelashes, sporting its savage flair on my very appealing eyes in a fated grandeur that would have the world swooning over me. That’s how I derive my strength too.

Why False Lashes?

False lashes are absolutely stunning to look at. They add a dramatic twist to your otherwise jaded routine and help you to hog the limelight all for yourself. Lashes speak of theatrics that literally talk. They make impressive gestures as they dance to the rhythm of your eyes. That’s how you make men swoon over you too.

Types of Lashes Available

There are all sorts of lashes to choose from. From what I have gathered so far, there are four major types that they are pigeonholed into: Individual, cluster, full strip and demi strip lashes.

I find individual and cluster lashes more appealing as they pack in the most natural look ever. Some fail to even make out the real deal with the faux one. Individuals are touched with the panache of extraordinaire and great when it comes to signing off your eyes with volume and length. But I feel they tend to take more time. The struggle is real as you kill hours with individual lashes aiming for perfection.

Au contraire, cluster lashes are easier to apply showering the same effect that individuals pack in, making you sizzle in your newly found eye-candy avatar.

I love the range of options that comes in full strip lashes. The fact that you can layer different pairs to come up with an entirely different look to sport is something quite rare. I have wide-set eyes so I generally scavenge those strip lashes that are longer in the center region. It makes up for the distance and fills up the face covering the oddity. Julia, a close friend of mine, uses the ones that are longer at the outer corners since she has close-set eyes. With thatshe gives an impression that her orbs aren’t really close-set.

Demi-strip lashes, as the moniker suggests, are half the size of the full strip ones. I adore these as they tend to give an enchanting feel. Fill the outer half of your upper lash line with this beauty, and see the difference it makes. It helps you to ooze out a rare magnificence that is simply irresistible. The best thing is that whilst doing that it doesn’t let you get out of the “natural look” zone. With the gamut of options lashes offer, I often experiment the combinational look, wherein I use the full strip lashes with the demi-strips. The end result is simply mind-boggling!

Points to Remember

Now that you know the types that are hovering around the market, it is crucial to remember that you get into the eye-lash putting on business only in the end. Meaning you should first finish your eye-chores that could entail applying mascara to putting on eyeliners and shadows before finally going for the falsies.

If you still have trouble selecting the finest variants, I will add some of my favorites with video tutorials here soon so stay tuned!

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