What is the Best Makeup Primer For Your Skin Type?


Either you might not have heard about makeup primers or you might be in love with primers so much that you’ve been digging into them since the day they were launched. I don’t know in which category you fall into but I definitely have something worthwhile to discuss with you today.A primer does for your skin, what lingerie does for your body. It flatters, shapes, conceals and trims places, so that any makeup you wear on your face immediately seems attractive.

Similarly, a makeup primer assists in concealing your imperfections, filling in your pores and prepares your skin for the application of makeup, plus this is one of the reasons your makeup will never look undone or caked.

In today’s post I will only discuss makeup primers for foundation (read here for the foundations I use to seriously make out I have flawless skin). In regards to makeup primers for around the eye and for your eyeshadow, if you want perfection in that area, that is a whole different ball game. But a simple mistake of buying the wrong makeup primer for your skin type can make everything I discussed just now, mean nothing. Let me detail you on some of my best makeup primers based on the type of skin you have.

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A Versatile Product

The SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer has a great fan following, including me. One of the reasons can be that the foundation primer is suitable for all skin tones. Its paste-like consistency feels very calming and soothing on the skin, plus doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. It provides an immediate blurring effect and whoosh! Your pores are gone. This product will never disappoint and is totally non-irritating.

A Miracle in a Tube

I haven’t come across any blogger who doesn’t keep the Benefit Cosmetics makeup primer in her vanity. I would certainly label this primer as a mattifying primer and it is the best for those with oilier skin for the reason that its oil-free texture sinks into the pores and reduces oiliness. The result is matte but not a flat look and if you need that really surreal skin, you may just need this arsenal in your makeup bag.

A Famous Find

Laura Mercier has some universally acclaimed products and the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is one of them. It is seriously an A grade product and the brilliant thing about it is, that it mattifies the face and at the same time, gives a tad dewy, sheen to it as well, which just looks classy. This is the best primer for combination skin because it mattifies those slightly oily areas and gives a healthy appearance, instead of a towel-dried one. The texture is just divine and blends in easily.

A Complexion Booster

If you really have that dry, totally hopeless skin, the Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base is just for you. This primer is featured on top beauty websites and hands down, is the best if you have dry skin. It instantly enlivens dry skin and a little amount goes a long way. For dry skins, it gives water to your skin and when you are suffering with really dry and flaky skin, this will be your ultimate savior. Also, if you need to really blur those pesky aging lines and spots, this will work incredibly.

This Works Wonders

If you have acne prone skin, The Loreal Nude Magique Blur Cream is the best primer for you. It has the ability to settle down almost all of your skin inadequacies, be it patchy, spotty or red skin, this hails miracles for all skin problems. The formula is very lightweight and that is why it will give you acne prone skin, the freedom to breathe and the look flawless, at the same time. This is a drugstore primer and is a handy investment. The packaging is classic and extremely travel-friendly as well.

The Best Fine Tuner

Do you have pores that are the size of saucers and are greatly distributed around your face? Well, my nose is literally bombarded with pores that size and the Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer is my warrior. It really reduces the size of pores and totally kicks off that huge dominance they’ve taken over my nose. It evens out my skin tone, banishes my redness and is a fairly uncomplicated product to get wholesome skin.

I seriously hope this write-up of makeup and foundation primers came useful to increase your knowledge of makeup and steps you must take to achieve perfect skin. Keep in mind that flawless skin doesn’t come with loading up product after product, even one item is enough to satiate your skin needs.

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