Hi, I’m Elle and I’m the creator and boss lady behind LaBeaute.Org.

I love blogging about beautiful things. But isn’t it more beautiful when you can blog alongside someone else that shares the same passion as you?

LaBeaute.org isn’t just about beauty. Yes, its the french word for beauty but it’s also a feminine noun. And that is what LaBeaute.org is about, it’s a beautiful feminine place where women can connect and talk about all the beautiful things in life, including makeup, cosmetics, hair care, skincare, travel, lifestyle, blogging and more! If you have the same passion as me, I’d love to hear from you. I am looking for a co-blogger here (and no, you don’t have to physically exist next to me), you can be from any part of the world (just as long as you can speak and write in English).

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Or if you know someone that has the zest to share all things beautiful, share this with them, or why  not just share it with the world and spread the love! Help someone out, it will make you feel great!

Good luck to everyone and I look forward to receiving your applications and working with you!

Elle, LaBeaute.org


Job Description

Job Title: Passionate Lifestyle Blogger

Why Apply?

♥ Get paid for writing about topics you are passionate about

♥ Establish and network yourself in the blogging world

♥ Get your name and yourself out there in front of thousands of people that have the same interests as you

♥ Be an expert in your field

♥ Develop genuine friends and fans


♥ Know, love, nurture and promote the LaBeaute culture in your writing

♥ Native English Speaker

♥ Ability to write with proper grammar

♥ Write passionately and engaging (eg. Makeup Primers & Clinique Foundations)

♥ Meet deadlines

♥ Have the ability to follow instructions (there won’t be many!)

♥ Be active on all social media platforms

♥ Willing to promote content

♥ Willing to help others

How To Apply:

It’s super easy. All you need to do is the following:

1. Send an email to me, Elle, here: hello@labeaute.org

2. The subject must be: LaBeaute Blogger Application

3. In your email, tell me why I should hire you over others? Your email will be your application. Please provide your experience (if you don’t have, don’t worry!) just blow me away with the way you introduce yourself. You must submit 2 pieces of writing that you have done previously.

Short Listed Applicants

If you make it through the first round of applications, once all applications have been shortlisted, you will be required to write and submit to me 4 original articles (no longer than 800 words each) at my request so I can distinguish those who meet the requirements and can meet deadlines.


I will be hiring more than 1 person and you may be hired before the deadline closing date. However, applications close 1 January 2017