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i all, I thought I’d do a fashion post today because it feels like a while since I did a proper fashion inspiration post (you can read my last fashion blog post here). Also, I am always flicking through Instagram and I have heart’ed some outfits that I am absolutely obsessed with! I am adding them to my current wish list (because I am in desperate need of some new clothes!). I feel like I haven’t been shopping for clothes for ages now but I am hesitant because honestly, I don’t want to buy anymore winter clothes, especially after my recent Winter Trip. I know that there isn’t much left of winter now and I honestly can’t wait for the weather to start warming up and not be so darn cold!

So in light of me looking forward to Spring, this is my current fashion inspo and can’t wait to buy some of these just in time for Spring. Also, stay tuned as I’ll be sharing some other Spring Wish Lists like beauty products and accessories I would like also!

What do you think? Do you like what I like? Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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Spring Outfit Ideas

Tops for Spring

As you can probably tell from a lot of these Spring Fashion Outfit ideas, I’ve included a lot of off the shoulder tops and flared sleeved tops. This style is something I absolutely love. It’s soft and feminine and sits beautiful on any body shape.

Velvet Tracksuit

In my last blog post, I revealed my favorite tracksuits and also talked about how a tracksuit is a must for every season other than Summer. They are so versatile for Spring, Autumn and Winter. I currently have a few tracksuits in my wardrobe but I am so wanting a velvet tracksuit so bad!

In-fact, I would love to source this exact tracksuit if I could. I love the color of it since it’s nothing like I currently have in my wardrobe. Surprisingly I shared with you guys (in this blog post) that I have never owned a piece of velvet clothing or accessory – EVER! However, as I revealed late last year, velvet is now something I am slowly incorporating in my outfits and this exact velvet tracksuit is my newest obsession for Spring.

Burgundy, Red & Maroon Tops

Like I said in my blog post, Winter Outfit Ideas, I only have one red/burgundy piece of clothing in my wardrobe. I am slowly moving towards including more reds/burgundy in my wardrobe but I would like only a few statement pieces rather than an entire wardrobe of burgundy (like some of my friends do!). LOL. I already have one statement piece of burgundy, which you can read in my blog post above, but I wouldn’t mind buying a burgundy off the shoulder blouse such as these as my 2nd purchase. I also might consider a burgundy dress, such as this one from Zane, for a romantic dinner with my husband (such as Valentines Day coming up).

White Skinny Jeans

This is a pretty basic item, but I’ve been wanting a pair of white skinny jeans for ages now! The pair of white skinny jeans that I already have are not high waisted so my outfits just don’t look the same if I wear certain looks. Plus, I think for me, it’s important that I dress more according to my body shape because I have shorter legs (with a big bum LOL) and high waisted jeans or pants tend to accentuate my legs making them look longer. Plus, by doing this it will increase my confidence a little more. These are definitely a must buy as they are a staple piece of clothing needed for Spring weather! There is an endless amount of spring outfit ideas with jeans! On a side note, as you probably noticed, I am loving the net tights, but I would prefer to wear them under jeans, rather than by themselves. It’s is becoming largely common now, as you can see there is a few photos I’ve included above with this look, I’ve also seen it floating around on some street style fashion blogs aswell.

Shoes for Spring

I’m loving all the heels that I’ve included above, but the ones that I adore the most are the frilly and feminine heels in beige. I really want a new pair of heels for the warmer weather that will soon be upon us and I think I’ve included some awesome shoe inspo here šŸ™‚

What do you think? What are your favorites? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below šŸ™‚

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