How Clinique Foundations Helped Me Fake Good Skin


I am a great hoarder of foundations, in fact it is the one product (amongst others – blush*) that causes me to swoon when I am beauty shopping. I just can’t resist those neatly lined bottles filled up with attractive skin colored liquid. Well, I might sound weird to you but a true makeup geek will understand my infatuation with foundations.

I think you agree – there is nothing more satisfying than covering up skin imperfections, the odd blemish, pimples or freckles.

Now, the thing to note is not every foundation lined on the aisles is the best but when it comes to the Clinique foundations, I’ve been surprised, taken aback, startled and finally hit with reality, that indeed all I’ve tried are really good from this brand.

Today, I am going to detail you about my experience with Clinique foundations and why all of a sudden, I realized that I needed to try every. single. one. of. them. A foundation can save your skin from looking traumatized (plus, ensure that you are applying a primer before even applying any droplet of foundation!). Let’s discuss further.

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Full Coverage Goodness

There was a time in my life when I was going through the general skin “Blahness,” I mean to say, large pores, redness, pimples and a very unappealing skin appearance. I just needed to cover up my horrible skin imperfections and due to the recommendation of my friend; I gave the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer a go. You might be familiar that before slapping on foundation, one must camouflage skin flaws with concealer and this 2 in 1 formulation sounded impressive to me.

This foundation is very full coverage and has the tendency to hide all my flaws with only one layer. Despite being full coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy and neither does my skin look cakey. Everytime I apply this foundation, my skin looks, perfect, too dreamlike sometimes but I love the effect and it stays put throughout the day. For bad skin days and formal occasions, this is certainly a winner by Clinique!

The Unnecessary Oil Solver

Every time in summer, I undergo a really oily skin tone, especially my t-zone and because of that, I am subjected to lots of tiny blemishes on my forehead and chin area, plus my makeup slips away during the day too easily. I needed a base that would keep still all day, will keeping my makeup in place and wouldn’t budge, moreover wouldn’t cause my skin to breakout.

Finally, next up, I decided to try another Clinique foundation. This time, my wishes were fulfilled with the bottle of Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup which is a foundation for oily skin aswell as skin type 2 and 3 (as per Clinique skin types). It really helps to seal my t-zone from getting oily. It does mattify the skin and my makeup doesn’t budge all day. The salicylic acid contained in this foundation assists to absorb the excess face oil but not in a drying manner and I love the fact that it does not clog my pores. Due to this, I am able to avoid the oil and my pimples are in a better state as well as they have decreased gradually. If you need a summer-safe skin, this clinique foundation is a must-buy for the hotter months!

My Life Savior in All Year Round

My mother gifted me the Clinique Super Balanced Makeup last winter and that was the right time to acknowledge that this for normal to oil skin. I naturally have normal skin and in winter, the skin condition gets a bit more frantic when it comes to moisture. Though,I do not need to moisturize my skin excessively when I am wearing this foundation because it provides plenty hydration of its own. I love the way it glides onto my skin and blends like a dream.

This foundation mattifies my skin but adds hints of dewiness as well and makes my skin look fresh and well put together. It is simply the most brilliant foundation all year round, it is completely weightless, demi-matte and really soothing for the skin. You will fall in love with its light consistency and its ability to bid an airbrushed complexion. With this product, you need not to worry about your skin ever!

The “No Makeup” Makeup Invention

There are days when you cannot tolerate having anything on your face and wish to go out with bare skin but job-engaged ladies certainly cannot do that without looking properly fine-tuned. I for one rely on my Clinique Almost Powder Makeup, which in better words is a Clinique powder foundation. This light-weight powder foundation is impeccable for covering my redness and spots, but at the same time looks like I am wearing no foundation.

I love that bare feeling and the cherry on top is that this foundation contains SPF 15, which is decent sun protection for the skin. The powder foundation is very finely milled and I use my beauty blender to dab the product on my face and after a while, it settles beautifully and makes my skin look aptly radiant. I do not mind touching up my face with this powder foundation throughout the day but keep in mind, that it remains on the face for several hours which is superb in my opinion. This is slowly, but surely becoming my mandatory makeup item and suits all skin tones.

Last Words

So, my article has landed in the ending stages but before I go, I want to leave you with some tips you must apply, while looking for foundations for yourself. Do not buy something blindly as you should keep your skin needs and demands in mind when you go for beauty shopping. Foundations do not always turn out to be miracle workers; even the most expensive foundations can turn up to be unpredictable sometimes.

Assuredly, a foundation is the primary step to flawless skin and if the first step goes wrong, then naturally other makeup will seem unattractive as well.

  • Your foundation should glide on perfectly.
  • It should give you time to blend it.
  • It should conform to your skin demands.
  • It must satiate your skin needs.
  • It mustn’t look awry.
  • It should be a solid base for other items you’ll put on.
  • It must have longevity.

The moral is, buy carefully and always with self-assuredness.

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