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can never even imagine heading out without adding some blush to my cheeks (okay, let me re-phrase that, I can’t head out without foundation + blush on my face!). Blush alone (for me) just doesn’t do the trick. My complexion is naturally tanned but at times it can look dull. I think blush is the perfect way to bring some life into my cheeks and my overall look. I use blush to perk up my looks and define my cheeks for that chiseled semblance. Today, I am going to talk about my favorite blush palettes that I pleasantly get to decide to use which one each day (who doesn’t love a big selection to choose from?).

If you have been following me here at labeaute.org, you will know that I love palettes (makeup in general is considered my one true love), however makeup palettes are that one make up item that I always seem to be buying. I obsessed with the packaging (yeh, kinda weird I know!) but I love how they look, feel and of course, their purpose (an added plus is that they are awesome value, allowing you to have a collection of good shades that complement each other, all in one package!).

Generally, I get my inspiration from other brunette bloggers (such as one of my fav’s, Morgan) that have a similar skin tone and hair tone to mine, however, what’s important to note here is that these blush palettes are perfect for all skin tones.

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I recently shared my top palettes for eyes that I currently have and adore and I plan to share even more of my favs every week. Give this article some love or comment below if you want more like this 🙂 For more beauty tips and my fav beauty products, don’t forget to check back regularly at labeaute.org! Elle xx

A Dream Come True

Tarte’s Blush Palette is just adorable in terms of packaging, pigmentation, blend-ability and texture.  The blushes slide on very smoothly and softly, plus the palette gives me the right amount to blend, without any streaking. The color payoff is awesome and I just need a little amount to add a good pop of color. The color range is impeccable and will suit every skin tone. For me, it’s a must have makeup item and I especially love this this blush palette when I travel.

The Durable Purchase

I remember I bought the Nars Cheek Palette without being hesitant because Nars are always smack on with their makeup products and this one in particular didn’t come as a surprise. The blushes are highly pigmented and the buttery surface feels absolutely divine. I personally love this one, but all Nars blush palettes deliver a great wash of color to my cheeks without looking patchy, powdery or rough. I am seriously taken aback with this gem of a palette and the longevity weakens my knees 🙂

Totally Misplaced My Senses

Have you ever come across a product that makes your legs turn to water and you start hyperventilating just to grab that particular product? (Sounds extreme, I know, but sometimes it does happen!) Well, my stance was kinda like this when I bought the Too Faced Palette one. I can literally stare at this blush palette 24/7. Every day, it bowls me off-guard with its smooth texture. I gasp at the way blushes stay on all day long and the colors are extremely build-able, you can be generous or light handed, whatever you want!

The Clever Creation

Often with drugstore blush palettes, I felt that the quality isn’t as promising but I have taken my words back after trying the E.l.f. Blush Palette. And after this purchase, I am growing to like this E.l.f brand of products. It’s actually my second Elf purchase, after I bought the E.l.f. Contour Palette. This is seriously the best ‘cheaper’ blush palette I’ve used and it never backs down to deliver with its faultless texture, smooth application and good staying power. The blush range is gorgeous and it can complement all skin tones minus any doleful fall-outs.

Pure Luxury

Words can’t justify how stunning the Hourglass Blush Palette is and it’s worth every flippin’ penny! Each blush housed in this palette is pure luxury. You can never go wrong with the excellent pigmentation, staying power, as it stays put till you wash it off and the texture will put you to sleep, it’s that smooth and silky, ha! If you seriously want to go high-end, this product is your route.

A Very Impressive Buy

It is no surprise that Sleek never fails to impress me and Sleek Makeup Blush is proof of that. This palette has an amazing color range and pigmentation is hands down awesome. The product is compact and wonderful for travelling; moreover it comes with a very useful mirror. I love this product, it is decent, dependable and a really nice companion. It takes minimal room in your purse and performs, just like a high-end product. Just like this product, I decided to give Sleek a go with blushes after I was pleasantly surprised with my Sleek contour palette which I have talked about in my blog post about the Best Contouring and Highlighting Kits.

Coming (Very) Soon

I came across this the other day and I’ve been inspired by Sarah, to try the Anastasia Blush Palette as it’s the ‘new’ one that’s caught my eye. It’s on my wish list and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on it soon. A girl cannot have enough palettes, right?

So if you are searching for a blush palette that you can customize according to your tastes, head for any of the above that suits your budget!

Like I said, please comment below, share or like if you want to see more of these types of blog posts. I’ve always find them useful so I hope you do too! Thanks ladies, Elle xx

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