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personally, have got to the stage in my life where I am very much obsessed with my hair. Okay, let me rephrase that, I’m not completely obsessed with it but so much so, that I often find myself thinking about how my hair has transitioned over the last few months. I think and feel how lovely and healthy my hair has got, a couple of times during the day. Hair care for me is a very interesting subject and without a proper hair care routine, I, and probably you too, cannot look after the ‘health’ of our hair properly.

I used to suffer years of hair breakage and a sensitive scalp. I started using a hair oil for dry and damaged hair which I’ve spoken about here, but I knew that I also needed to change my hair-care routine and by just applying an oil to my hair, it just wasn’t enough. And I’m also not the type of person that would be a zillion haircare products in hope that it would change my hair. I just know that it’s not possible. We are born with a certain type of hair and we can’t change it. The best we can do is buy 1-2 products that help to maintain the health of your hair and adopt a few practices here and there to keep our hair looking and feeling healthy. Using a really good oil really improved the condition of my hair, but when I wanted to style my hair, it would always be frizzy and looked and felt un-maintained compared to other women around me. That’s when I started researching other ways that I could improve the look and feel of my hair, without having to lather my hair in another 10 products.

When it comes to hair products and tools, I must tell you that as much as hair products matter, same goes for the hair tools as well and without them, your hair will go in a decline. One rather important but overlooked way of looking after your hair is proper after wash care. I mean, how do you properly look after your hair once you’ve washed it? Using ordinary towels? I did. For years! Using ordinary towels is not optimal for many reasons, which when compared to hair towel wraps, if you keep reading, you’ll find out why?

Previously, if I had jobs around the house to do, I would steer away from wrapping my hair in a towel. Big towels were too heavy and pulled at my roots, whilst small towels were too small for my long hair. I had got into a stage where I was using an old flannel shirt. But soon enough, my so-called DIY after shower head wrap would unfurl in front of me and the sickeningly wet hair would tumble down. I had to face this problem multiple times per week.

After I found the solution in these wraps, I was so frustrated that I didn’t get onto the idea earlier. Because they are so affordable, I bought 4 hair towel wraps for myself and my mom, two each for us to rotate during the week.

The Lush, Super Absorbent Essential

Without the Luxe Beauty Essential Microfiber Towel, I wouldn’t have recognized the true significance of hair towels. This microfiber towel for your hair is extremely soft in texture and has the perfect size to cover my entire head, and I have long hair! Due to its smooth surface, it doesn’t break or tear at my hair and allows me to effortlessly dry my hair, without wasting my time unnecessarily. The towel is stitched seamlessly. Back in the day, when I used just ordinary towels, I always sensed the oncoming of a headache but with this, I feel so lightweight and at ease. The surprising thing to note is that after using this towel I experienced less frizzy hair, woah!

The Ultra-Lightweight and Gentle Hair Towel

You might be gawking at this product, questioning yourself that why have I included it when it is a hair towel, not a wrap? Well, my greatest fear in winter has always been hair drying and for quick hair drying, I use a hair towel rather than a wrap. I hate those days when I’m in a hurry and have to use a hair-dryer for quick drying because that is something I tend to avoid as much as possible. So, my hair savior was of course, the DuraComfort Microfiber Hair Towel.This microfiber towel for hair is splendidly spongy, dries up hair speedily, gently and minus any friction. That is due to the fact that its texture is like silk, since the threads are woven tightly, which help in removing moisture effectively, plus it can be wrapped into a turban effortlessly, that’s why I decided to try it.

Ultra-Wicking Turban Wrap with Detangler Comb

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted a wrap that didn’t budge from its place and that yearning ultimately brought me to the Hair Towel Turban Wrap Microfiber and Wide Tooth Comb Detangler by VIDI. This turban is a really cool technology, as it is fantastically easy to use and I can wear it comfortably by just twisting it round my hair. Amazingly, it absorbs 80% of water when looped in position and then the gratis addition of wide toothed detangler brush just makes it more tempting. Plus you needn’t worry about hair length because this hair towel wrap is available for long and short hair.

My Love for Button Hair Wrap

Turban technology excited me enough to grab this baby called Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel which is a#1 bestselling product. This hair towel wrap with button is so cool, as it is extremely easily to wrap around the head with its twist and loop capabilities.The microfiber turban quickly dries the hair by squeezing out the moisture in no time at all and I can easily wash it in the washing machine too. Moreover, my hair stays put, safely wrapped in the turban, while I finish my makeup. I simply love the quality of absorption it provides, along with protection to my hair.

Points to Remember

These towels have been phenomenal and I would certainly endorse them because since usage, I haven’t experienced any hair damage or frizz. My hair dries on time, minus any involvement of hair dryer and that is a huge plus. We all know how damaging heating tools can be for our hair but the invention of these wraps has certainly brought a world of difference not just to my hair but my lifestyle as well. It’s very difficult to decide which one is the best hair towel among all these, so my suggestion is to go and grab any of your choice and feel the amazing results yourself. Good Luck!

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