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ho doesn’t love saving money? We all do! And by saving money, I don’t mean, just buying affordable products rather than expensive beauty and makeup items or just buying things on sale, it’s more about being smart and finding the best ways to truly save money but still get the beauty products that you really want! Today’s blog post is one that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now because saving money is what I love talking about! Even more so, sharing what I do to save money on makeup is something I love writing about!

I think all of you ladies already know that I love saving money on makeup and beauty, because I already post on LaBeaute a few sales and bargains that come up and want to share them with you all. I tend to do this weekly as it’s important not to miss out on a bargain whenever you can 🙂 So in today’s blog post, I have provided a few of my own hacks and tricks on saving money on beauty, makeup, cosmetics, toiletries, skincare and hair-care products. Some of these little tricks I’ve thought of myself and are part of my makeup and beauty routine.

I hope you find them useful and don’t forget, if you have any sneaky ways you save on your beauty products, please share them below!

LaBeaute Quote for Today: A Smile is the Shortest Distance Between Two People

Swap This, For That

Instead of buying brand name or expensive beauty products, you can opt for equally as good products that cost a lot less. For example, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or Johnson’s Baby Oil are a cheap alternatives for eye-makeup remover.

They are also gentle ways to remove eye makeup without having to buy products with harsh chemicals in them. This is an awesome beauty hack for anyone that wants to save money!

Extend Your Mascara

Instead of actually going out and buying new makeup, beauty and toiletries, there is a few little hacks where you can extend the life of your makeup and beauty products that you already have. And one of my favorite beauty hacks in today’s blog post is how I extend the life of my mascara instead of having to buy a new one. We all know that towards the end of your mascara, it becomes dry and unreachable. You feel like you aren’t getting much towards the end and the mascara left over is sitting at the end of the tube? One of my ALL-TIME sneaky little beauty hacks to extend the life of my mascara is this.

Now if you are a contact lenses wearer this will be easy for you. But if you aren’t, why not go and buy a small little bottle of contact lenses liquid (like this small and cheap one here). It only costs like $3 and will last forever! It will do the trick of you not having to buy so many mascaras so often. All you need to do is place a few drops (1-3) into your mascara tube, shake your mascara and just see how much  more product and use you will get out of it. By doing this, I typically can extend the life of my mascara by up to 1 month! Just remember, only place 1-3 drop of contact lenses liquid, because if you put too much, your mascara will be runny and unusable! If your mascara is getting clumpy, this is also a way to stop your mascara getting clumpy aswell!

Last Drops of Perfume

Let’s face it, perfume isn’t cheap and every drop is actually quite valuable! Something that really used to frustrate me (before I learnt how to get the most out of my perfume bottles), was the last few drops of perfume that I could never use because the pump would never be able to pump it out of the perfume bottle.

A great idea not to waste the last pumps of your perfume is to open up your perfume bottle and pour the last few drops into your body lotion to make your own perfumed body lotion at home. Fantastic idea hey?

Re-Purpose Your Makeup

There is many opportunities to re-purpose your makeup. Like I talk about below, when you have bought a new lipstick that you don’t like the color of, or it’s just simply gone out of fashion, why not use it as a blush instead? This is a very common makeup trick that even makeup-up artists use, so don’t feel so weird applying lipstick to your cheeks as blush. I’d recommend you rub your fingers on the lipstick, then rub your fingers together to smudge the color, then rub your fingers into your cheeks to create your blush look.

Prevent Breakages

Have you ever thrown out your compact or eye shadow because it broke? Well, you should learn how to ensure that it doesn’t break! How? By placing cotton wool inside 🙂 Simple.

Make Your Makeup Last Longer

I was surprised by just how many of my friends put makeup and beauty products in the trash simply because they have expired or because they expired before their due by date! Yes makeup and beauty products do expire!

And to increase their longevity and make them last longer than their expiry date, you can read what I do here to make my makeup and beauty products last longer.

Be A Bargain Hunter (Like Me!)

Apart from what I said below, about buy things you need, rather than want. It’s a good idea to keep a notepad handy and write down beauty, makeup, cosmetics, skin-care and hair-care items that are nearly running out. When you see them come up on sale, you are ready to pounce on them and buy them at a massively reduced price. Don’t forget to check back at for my weekly Sephora Wow Sales where you can buy brand name beauty products at massively reduced prices.

We are talking here 50% off and over! Sometimes, even 80% off some items. Because my Sephora Weekly Wow series has been so popular so far, I will be extending my beauty bargain deals to include more specials and sales on beauty, makeup and cosmetics from a range of brands and sites! Stay tuned for those!

Before You Buy…

Research! Look online at what other people are saying including me! I’ve got many reviews of different makeup and beauty items. Let’s face it, not every makeup or beauty item that is sold, is worth it. Some are good, some are bad and some are just ok. Some are under-priced and some are over-priced.

Especially if you are saving money, it’s good to know before what you are buying and if it’s good value! This is especially important if you are buying new beauty products which you haven’t tried before! I did this recently when I bought a drug-store mascara, and I read a beauty blog (here) about a Revlon Mascara. I tried this as a new one because I will be doing an interesting post about mascaras soon (stay tuned for that!) and I wanted to try a few that I haven’t used before.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cut

If you have any tubes of foundation or creams, when they are running out, don’t be afraid to cut the bottle instead of having to squeeze the life out of the tube and still feel like there is something left in there. By cutting a tube of foundation, you can get at least another 2-3 wears out of your favorite foundation. Just make sure to seal your foundation with cling wrap afterwards to keep it fresh and usable.


I’m not talking about re-using old foundation that is outdated or anything like that. For example, what I am talking about is if you have bought a mascara that is better quality/more high end, why not re-use the mascara brush in your new bottle of cheaper mascara? That way, you have a great mascara brush that makes all the difference in applying your mascara and making your eyelashes look more full and longer.

And even more so, mascara wands are great as household items so don’t throw them away (even drug-store mascara ones). You can clean them up and re-use them to clean jewellery, as an eyebrow brush and even to help tame fly-away hairs.

At the end of the day, whether you want to stop wasting so much money on beauty, or travel or just saving money generally, it comes down to learning to be thrifty and being creative around your house. There is plenty of opportunities such as the mascara wand above where you can use something for another purpose! Here are some other ways you can live a more thrifty life.

DIY Your Own Beauty Products

Instead of buying expensive beauty products, there is a few ways you can make your own beauty products at home. For example, instead of buying expensive makeup brush cleaners, you can make your own makeup brush cleaner at home. There is a few ideas floating around beauty blogs, however, one of the easiest ways is to mix half a container with a natural soap and half the container with olive oil.

Buy What You Need

Remember – it’s more about buying what you need or what you will need. Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you should necessarily buy it. That is NOT a way to save money 🙂 Just like a lot of other bloggers blog about (eg. GemmaLynsey), if you aren’t going to buy it full price, why are you buying it on sale? You aren’t actually saving any money at all! Great advice!

Don’t Throw Away Unused or Unwanted Lipsticks

If you purchased a lipstick that you don’t really like the shade of (this happened to me recently, I went in-store and purchased a lipstick, it looked good in-store with all the fancy lighting that they use) and the shop assistant said it looked ‘fantastic’ on me. I got carried away and purchased it to later get home and realize that the lipstick looked orange on me. And with my skin color being olive and I’m brunette, orange lipsticks don’t suit me. However, instead of throwing the lipstick out, I use it under/over other lipsticks to create colors and shades I don’t already have.

Buy Online

Last but not least, is probably the easiest and most common way of buying cheaper makeup and beauty products, but don’t forget that if you buy online at the likes of Sephora and Ulta, you get free samples with your order. Don’t brush away free samples as being useless as they can actually be quite useful! I got a free sample of foundation and it actually lasted 2 weeks! That is 2 weeks of me not having to use my own foundation!

If you have anything to add on how you save money on beauty, makeup, cosmetics, hair-care, skincare and toiletries, I love to hear from you. Please comment below!

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  • Berry
    February 26, 2018

    What a great idea adding perfume to moisturizer

  • Dranch
    March 5, 2018

    thank you so much, tami!

  • Sharni
    March 6, 2018

    I’ve never thought of a few of these. Easy and great ideas.

  • Morg
    March 27, 2018

    Can you please do more of these style of posts, I love reading about DIY’s and little tips and tricks 🙂

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