KORA Organics Skincare: Is It Worth It?



f you are thinking of buying the skincare range from Kora Organics, in today’s blog post you’ll read what I honestly think about it. It’s the first time I’ve tried it in my life after using it at my close friends house and I really like it when I first tried it. I went ahead and purchased a few of your products and decided to write about it today. For those of you who don’t know, Miranda Kerr is one of the most talked about models in the world. She is also one of the most popular Victora Secret Models. She is also the founder of Kora Organics. Her launch of this brand was a sight to be held and the bustle about this brand remained for some time as well.

There was so much stir caused by this brand because everyone was familiar with the fact that Miranda has amazing skin and with the launch of this brand, buyers, including me, anticipated the same “Miranda-like skin semblance.” What made me buy the Kora Organics skincare range, apart from the beautiful packaging (LOL) is because it’s natural and organic. Kora Organics is a certified organic brand without any harmful toxins, parabens or other repugnant ingredients, plus on top of that, it hasn’t been tested on animals. All of these advantages make it very worth while trialing and using!

I first stumbled upon this natural skincare brand when I saw Miranda’s personal videos using these products on Youtube. I was keen to find out more about her brand and whether the products lived up to their name or not. Through the years I trialed many different skincare brands so I thought, why not give this one a go? In my readiness, I bought the Kora Organics 3 Step System Skincare for Normal/Sensitive skin and like I anticipated, I was immediately pleased with the gorgeous powder blue packaging and that the ingredients list was in-fact true.

KORA Skincare was one of my first organic skincare purchases and I was curious as to whether organic brands performed any miracles or not. Previously, I had been using the Dermalogica skincare brand for many years, so I thought I would try something new (and don’t get me wrong, I still love Dermologica and still use a few different products here and there). But now that I have labeaute.org, I endeavor to try out different brands from the benefit of spreading the good, bad and ugly in the beauty, fashion and skincare industry.

My skin is leaning more towards the sensitive side these days, so I decided to go for the sensitive system. I like the fact that skincare kits are really versatile and allow one to try various products from the same brand depending on your skin type, rather than just offering broad range products for each skin type. What I’ve learned through time is that we all have different skin types and you cannot just use a product that someone else uses because it’s ‘great’. You need to:

  • Find a skincare product for your skin type
  • Find a skincare product that works for you
  • Also keep in mind that you may need 2 different types (one sensitive, one mild for different seasons of the year, as your skin can change depending on the weather).

The Rich Cleanser

My skincare kit includes a cream cleanser and I am delighted to announce that it contains some of my favorite natural ingredients including Aloe, Sandalwood and some other equally gentle ingredients that do not strip my skin off its natural oils but rather preserve the natural skin moisture, keeping a barrier from skin dryness.

After washing my face, my skin doesn’t feel tight, instead it feels smooth to the touch and a light scent lingers, which isn’t bothersome at all. The best thing about this cleanser is the consistency, which enables you to profoundly work the cleanser into your skin and you need a little amount to cover your entire face. The cleanser is tender, effective, and nifty for morning use.

Misting My Face

I have used tons of toners (the latest toner I used was the Clinique Clarifying Lotion) and do use them from time to time but owning a spraying one was a nice surprise. I really like the usefulness of this mist because you simply spray this onto your face and a fine mist spurts out. What’s better by using a spray rather than just a liquid lotion (like the Clinique one I mentioned above) is that your skin  your skin benefits more as the toner is distributed on all ares of your face.

Additionally, I feel that I used less product in comparison to a liquid based toner. This product in my opinion is really fun to use and it truly assists me to maintain the evenness of my skin. I love to use this product, especially when I am in a hurry and it leaves my skin looking rejuvenated. Often with toners, my skin can appear to be tad dry but not in this case, this product is quite the opposite and my skin seems fresh and dewy after use.

Satiating My Pores

The final step is the moisturizing part and I must say using the Kora Organics Soothing Day and Night cream has been an honestly thrilling experience (I know my choice of words is pretty out there, but it’s honestly really nice!). The texture and consistency has been a joy to massage into the skin because it vanishes into my skin in a jiffy without forcing me to rub into my skin.

Only a small amount is sufficient enough to hydrate my skin and cover my entire face. This cream is extremely lightweight and perfect for daily use. It fills my pores, lessens their size and offers my face a radiant complexion. I would certainly use this till the end and then I am going to grab another one, for sure!

My Results

No doubt, I did think Kora Organics was a beautiful brand even before I started using it myself. And once I did, it definitely has stolen my heart (deep I know, but it’s a beautiful product, on the outside and in) LOL. Using a natural skincare product like this brand is definitely better than was I was previously loading my skin with crappy chemicals, regardless of the fact they are much quicker in showing results. After going organic for a little time now, my skin has been gulping in the abundant benefits of natural seed oils which are infused in these skincare systems. This skincare brand has all the factors that in my opinion are the best things you could want from an organic brand. They smell mild yet pleasant, the products are effective, non-abrasive and overall, appear really beautifully packaged.

A success of a product can only be gauged properly if you plan to use it sensibly. I would suggest you that you buy any Kora Organics products that you want, ensure you buy according to your skin type and condition, otherwise I must say your experience might not go as well as you have pictured in your mind.

Would I Recommend?

The answer of this question is fairly obvious from my Kora Organics review, isn’t it?  Yes, I would suggest anyone that is thinking of buying Kora Organics because it is skin-safe and extremely fulfilling in its claims. It handles your skin like nothing else!

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Like I mentioned above, I traditionally have used Dermalogica as a skincare brand before opting for KORA. You can read more about Dermalogica skincare here.

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