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k, I have to admit, we are only 5 days away from Christmas and with less than 4 days left of shopping, I’m freaking out. I’ve finished pretty much most of my gift buying…. apart from the men in my life, my husband, my father and my brother, how can you possibly buy gifts for men that have everything? The fact that I still have nothing wrapped under the Christmas tree for them is leaving me with sleepless nights. And it’s something that is really bothering me. I’ve Googled ‘Presents for Men’ so many times, but I just can’t put my money on something. And what bothers me even more is that year after year, it’s a common occurrence in my life. I always find it difficult to find gifts for my husband and my father. Not just for Christmas, but for their birthday or Father’s Day. Anytime, I need to buy them a present, it’s something that doesn’t come easy to me – do any of you agree, or is it just me? I don’t think it’s just me as my cousin is looking to buy the best ever gift for her boyfriend and she is having problems too. I think it’s a ‘woman-problem’.

So if you are having troubles finding gifts for men that have everything, I’ve finally been able to narrow down my list of the Top 10 Gifts for Men, including the best unique gifts for men, the best gifts for men under $50  and also including some small tech gifts for men that they will love aswell! You can gift these presents at anytime of year, including as an anniversary gifts for your husband or boyfriend and they also serve as great milestone birthday presents such as their 25th, 30th, 40th or even 50th birthdays!

Top 10 Gifts for Men


#1 Emporio Armani Slippers

I would probably have to say this is one of my favorite gifts for my husband. In the New Year, I’ll be looking for a birthday gift for him so I will be buying him these for sure!!! I love buying brand name and high end clothing and accessories, but I am not a fan of paying top dollar for something either. Since my husband needs slippers and these look so comfy and spongy and with the bonus of being Emporio Armani, I think they are a nice gift for my husband. They are made of 100% cotton and come with a beautiful drawstring bag with the signature Emporio Armani logo on it. I think it would be nice for him to have a pair of good quality branded slippers to wear. I thought being Emporio Armani, they would be a lot more expensive, but they are not at all! What an awesome buy! They are available in Navy or Burgundy. You can purchase them here: Burgundy or Navy

#2 Calvin Klein Washbag

Available from ASOS

#3 Men’s Luggage Tags

Instead of men wrapping their suitcase up in ribbons and bows, why not gift them some proper manly luggage tags? If you are looking for small gifts for men that are cheap and simple, this is a great idea, especially if he is a traveler! Or who knows, this just might inspire him to travel more! There is two great options here, the best selling luggage tags for men here or the mens leather luggage tag here. Both are great to place business cards inside, so men don’t even need to fill out the details! If you want something extra special, you can opt for the Deluxe Luggage Tag which comes in full grain leather, has a leather privacy leave, fits easily a business card and comes beautifully presented in a gift box.

#4 Portable Cappuccino Espresso Maker

If your boyfriend, husband, father or brother likes coffee, this is a great present for him! Any male who loves coffee will love this! Even I want one! Enough said! It’s Available Here.

#5 Laundry Bag

I thought this idea was pretty funky and it’s great for those of you that have a boyfriend or need a gift for young men that like working out. It’s a relatively cheap gift for males and something different for only $35! Available Here

#6 Automatic Bottle Opener

Retailing at around $10, this is a great cheap gift for a male that they will find very useful! For more details, Click Here

#7 Vitamins

Another idea for inexpensive gifts for men that I guess no-one really thinks of is, vitamins and supplements. If you aren’t sure what things to get your boyfriend or husband and are looking for some cheap gifts for men, then you could mix and match some vitamins, supplements or probiotics and gift them to him. If he is stressed, get him some anti-stress vitamins, if he is having troubles sleeping, get him some sleep assisting vitamins. I was inspired about this idea when I was reading an article about self care and supplements was one way to improve your health and well-being. So I thought this would be great as a gift idea! Especially for men that have absolutely everything and you have no idea what to buy them (it’s not only handy for men, but also for anybody that you know that you have no idea what to get for them!).

#8 Electric Flosser

Where I think the difficulty lies in buying a gift for a male is that when men want something, they generally go out and buy it themselves – at least, that’s what happens in my family. Plus, also the fact that the men in my life don’t really vocalize what they want. Or maybe, they just aren’t really into receiving gifts – I don’t know what the explanation is, but I am a person that loves giving gifts to people that are useful, that they need and will use. I hate just buying a gift just because, it needs to come with a purpose. This one is a great example of something that they would find really useful! Available Here

#9 Shave Bib

This is an awesome idea and so cheap! It’s available in both Black and White.

#10 Travel or Event Tickets

And if you are still stuck for ideas, why not buy him tickets to a show, band, or a special event? Or why not even a small trip away to a place that he wants to go, even for only 48 hours. I was inspired by this idea from another beauty, travel and lifestyle blog, where she picked up a good deal on flights to Amsterdam for only $46. She is always traveling somewhere or attending a cool event with her boyfriend and I thought, this is a great idea to gift my husband at any time of year! It’s also something that he would least expect.

So today, I really got my mind into gear. I am all about male presents and have focused my energy on getting something they will love, something that is affordable and something that is unique, including all of these above. This weekend, it’s a go, my shopping will finally be completed. So whether you are looking for your husband, boyfriend, brother or father, all these gifts for guys are perfect for giving.

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