Easy Makeup Storage & Organization Ideas (Inc. What You Should and Shouldn’t Do!)



rganizing your makeup neatly and properly, can be very challenging when you don’t have the right makeup storage containers available to you. I remember when I used to spend hours on Pinterest admiring how girls used to arrange their favorite foundations, makeup brushes, lipsticks, mascaras, primers and all accessories in cute containers. I used to envy them so much. I remember a few years ago, acrylic makeup organizers used to be quite pricey!! Now that the market has opened for smaller companies, it has made prices more competitive – an advantage for people like you and me that prefer to spend our money on good quality makeup rather than the storage instead. But in today’s blog post, I’ll share some tip and tricks to organize your cosmetics, neatly and some awesome bargains to be had!

And what’s even more fun? It’s not just limited to plastic or acrylic anymore. The new designs are incredibly chic and modern. Take a look below for the all new collections available in different varieties, including trays, caddies, boxes, and more!

Prior to getting down and dirty with my makeup, skincare and haircare storage needs, everything used to be a complete mess. Even more so, when I used to run short of time and left my makeup and makeup accessories disorganized, creating that subsequent ‘perfect look’ ended up taking double the time compared to now that all my beauty, skincare and haircare essentials are organized neatly.

More so, when we keep our makeup in the correct place and in proper makeup containers, the quality and durability of the products are guaranteed for more time. Have you even thought – what’s also the best way to store your false eyelashes? Also (NEW) read on to find out the best way to store all your makeup palettes neatly!

LABEAUTE SECRET: Did you know that if you keep your makeup products in the bathroom, they are exposed to heat and moisture which ruins your makeup? I’ll discuss this later on and also my tip on how to preserve the quality of your makeup.

It’s therefore important, for many reasons, not only for organization and time, but also for the longevity of your makeup products (and in turn, ensuring that ‘flawless’ look you work so hard to achieve) to organize and store your makeup properly.

Hope you find these tips helpful, if you have anything to add, please feel free to comment below!

Makeup Organization Tips

Less Is Best

Step one is the easiest. And who doesn’t love a good spring clean. The first step to get rid of what you don’t want or use anymore. Don’t forget to check the labels and throw away your expired makeup (Did you even realize that little label at the bottom of your beauty product? I’ll discuss this on the blog soon!). Or alternatively, gift some unopened makeup that you don’t want anymore to friends, family or to people less fortunate as you. By cleaning out the makeup cobwebs, you’ll have more space, allowing you to organize and store only the beauty and cosmetics you need and use properly!

Keeping Makeup in the Bathroom or Bedroom?

The #1 rule for preserving the life of your makeup and cosmetics is to avoid leaving your makeup in the bathroom! Why? Because the humidity that is typically present in your bathroom, spoils the durability of your cosmetics and they will be damaged before their used by date (did you even know there was a used by/best before date of your cosmetics?). If not, I’ll be sharing soon more about this so stay tuned! Always keep your beauty products in a dry and well ventilated place. If you are like me and prefer that your beauty routine stays in the bathroom, ensure you buy good quality makeup storage containers that resist humidity from affecting your makeup, tools and brushes.

Time to, Get Organized

After throwing away expired makeup and giving away what you don’t want anymore, start organizing with proper makeup storage containers! Pick every product you have and find an organizer that meets your needs. Although buying makeup organizers might feel like a bit of an $ outlay, you, your makeup and your beautiful look will thank you for it later. Remember – makeup isn’t cheap either so it’s a wise idea to store it properly.

So, what’s the secret of the best way to organize your makeup in each container you buy? Lay all them down on a table and sort them by your preference. For example, you can sort them based on favorites, daily needs, special products or by using the method below. It will be easier to visualize what you have to sort out makeup in each container.

By Usage or Occasion

Do you have beauty products that you use every day? Try to organize your makeup in occasion or in groups, doing “kits” with daily products you use. Put these in an easily accessible spot. It will be easier to visualize the makeup that you have when you organize and separate it.

Organize your basic or essential makeup products that you use on a daily basis, for example, powder, concealer, blush, lipstick and others in one small acrylic beauty organizer. If you have makeup products that you wear less frequent, also organize them in an separate acrylic storage, but keep them in a special place.


Instead of just throwing your palettes in a drawer, why not display them in a nice way so they are in easy reach and look nicely all stacked together. What about all the palettes that you may have built up in your makeup collection? For example, I’ve got my makeup blush palettescontour and highlight palettes and my natural eyeshadow palettes that I have to store in a convenient but pretty way.

What’s the easiest and nicest looking way to store and display these? Surprisingly, you will find your solution in other household items. See below for some inspiration!

Get Creative

Here are some amazing makeup caddies which are super chic, modern and utterly awesome! These are not only useful for your makeup and cosmetics but you can but you can re-use as a storage container for other purposes also. What’s your favorite style of those below? (Want to know mine? The first and second rose gold makeup storage ones).


How to Organize Your Makeup Brushes

We all need them, and if you don’t, read my article about the only 5 must have makeup brushes you really need or the best makeup brush sets. So if you are anything like me and have a lot of makeup brushes (I mean, who doesn’t?), don’t just jam your makeup brushes in a container with other things; they need a home of their own. These are the most popular makeup storage containers for makeup brushes. What’s your favorite?

Your makeup brushes should be stored in a separate makeup bag or my preference, again is to use acrylic makeup storage (I reserve bags for travelling purposes only). Also, don’t forget to clean them! How often should you clean them? I recommend once a week! With a weekly wash, you maintain the durability of the brushes. Keep the makeup cleaning products handy by placing them in an acrylic makeup storage container along side the brushes, ensures it becomes a habit and we all know that if you do a habit over 30 days, it becomes part of your routine!

LABEAUTE TIP: What is the best way/how to organize your makeup brushes? If you have quite a few, I’d suggest that you your brushes as follows; 1) eye brushes 2) makeup brushes for your skin. Another awesome idea is to fill your brush holder with pearls, little rocks and grains in order to keep your brushes held more securely and upright, plus it keep them looking stylish and super chic.

How to Organize Your Lipsticks

Am I right by saying that almost every girl’s weakness is….lipsticks! How many do you have? Can you even count? I can’t – I’ve lost count. It just happens to be that every time I am out shopping or shopping online, I find an additional shade or gloss that I have to add to my never ending collection. Due to the amount of options we have nowadays and how we all like to collect them, it gets even harder to store them. Even more so, when you want to find that right shade, it takes forever to find it. Why? Your lipsticks and lip glosses aren’t stored or organized properly. When you organize those beautiful lip products, it becomes easier to find the one you want. Some lipstick and lip gloss organization tips include, organizing them by brand, shades, seasons and by favorite/most used.

Or alternatively, instead of spending any money at all, why not consider doing a DIY makeup organizer yourself! There is lots of inspiration on the internet, check out this example here.

In both of the examples shown above, you can easily store your lipsticks or lip glosses and you will be able to quickly find the one you want. You can sort them in shades (eg. light pink, dark pink, red and different colors), brands or most used lipsticks in one place. Another idea is to arrange them vertically and you’ll be able to pick up the shade and the lipstick you want by the name. Both lipstick holders are very simple but also very practical.

Don’t forget to share with me your ideas and your recent purchases, just like Rica and how she bought a few different makeup organizers like I have included above. And if I’ve inspired you in some way or another, I’d love to hear from you!

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