How I’m Changing in the New Year


I read this DailyMail article the other day and it made me starting thinking more deeply about life. It’s interesting, once you start thinking about your life, how do we really spend our time? Life is so incredibly short. It’s around this time of year as it’s coming to an end, that I start reflecting on the year that has just passed and how incredibly fast it passed. But more so, another year of being older and another year of hitting some goals, and not reaching others.

Updated: Once month since writing this, I’ve already accomplished one of these things for the first time ever in my life. It’s something that I really wanted to change about my life and I did it! You can read more about it here: My Unexpectedly Amazing Month So Far

And apart from creating physical New Year Resolutions (like losing weight, hitting my goals for my lifestyle blog or learning a new skill), what’s more important to me is to prepare myself emotionally for the New Year. I like to organize my thoughts and prepare  myself emotionally by clearing out the old emotional baggage and creating a positive mental environment for the New Year. For me, the way I start re-prioritizing my life is through organizing myself. I’m love organization. Not just physically (like how I am a makeup organization addict LOL)  but more so mentally. If I nourish my mind and soul, I know deep down that I can accomplish anything I set my mind too.

I’ve made a priority for the New Year to regain my sanity, not that I ever lost my sanity, but I want to feel and think more rationally to help accomplish my goals for 2018. Here are some of the ways I’ll be giving some love to the most important things I have, my mind and my soul, all in time for the New Year 🙂

If you need a little help to become stronger, think clearly and rationally, and dedicate more time to yourself, read on to learn how..

Clean Out the ‘Mess’

Having old, boring junk in your life feels like having a hand holding your neck in a vice-like grip. Believe it or not, having junk in our life can sometimes be terrifying and insanely overpowering. And why should we carry this junk into the New Year?

Don’t start on January 1st. Embrace cleanliness and participate in a major clean-out by January 1st. Do this by deleting all of those unwanted emails, uninstalling unnecessary apps from your phone, throwing away bundles of paper receipts you have lying around and useless coupons from your purse. Just by eliminating every unusable item in your life or organizing it in a proper manner, will help your soul. Cleaning up isn’t only good for the soul, but invites refreshment into your life. Getting the old trash can out will make you feel productive and ready to be ahead of everything again.

In preparation for the New Year, I am cleaning physical items in my house but also my mental ‘mess’. I’m going to write down all my mental anxieties I have to empty out my mind to make me think clearer in the New Year.


And by surrender, I don’t mean to give up. Read on for what I mean exactly…

Does you feel like there comes a time (*or times) in your life when you are standing at a deciding point in your life?

Pivotal deciding points have been coming more regularly in my life lately both in my personal life and my work life (and it’s driving me crazy!). They hit me in the face when I least expect it and I sometimes don’t know how to logically think about things or deal with them. My mind scatters and I just, can’t, think. It’s a horrible feeling and I feel like it’s these times that I feel I need to either rise above… or completely give up. I know deep down that I must always opt for better choices in my life and be vying to change myself first, then a change in my circumstances will follow.


At first, this might seem confusing, uncomfortable, mind-boggling – and NO, it’s no excuse to give up! It’s like, taking a step back, backing out, grouping yourself together and then running back in. Or the alternative path is to abandon yourself between crossroads, not certain whether to take left or right. However, once you surrender to the situation, you start transforming your thought process, this little by little, will get moving things moving, your apprehension will suddenly turn into comprehension, and things will start changing in-front of your eyes.

Another example of this is learning to ‘Just Be’ in a situation. Sometimes, I get so caught up and stress about something, that I forget that my life is getting wasted on thinking and feeling terrible things. I found getting advice from other blogs is really helpful in learning how to really live in the moment. This cool blogger has got some really good advice including focusing on one thing at a time and ensuring you don’t wish you life away. This is really practical advice which I’m finding I really need to take on board in my life.

For the new year, I endeavor to surrender more often and let life unveil in front of me. Take a step back, don’t panic and learn to just be present in the moment!


If I said to my husband that I need to organize myself more, he would think I am crazy. What’s more important in my situation is that I prioritize the important stuff and I think this goes for many of you aswell.

Prioritize ‘you time’, prioritize your mind and soul rather than just doing activities. In the New Year, for all of us, I think it’s a good idea to free up more ‘you time’. To do this, it’s important to run a glance over your calendar and organize your schedule sensibly. Determine whether you will be achieving something noble from your future commitments and agenda, both personally and professionally. If things aren’t working out in your favor or your commitments and engagements aren’t impacting you in a constructive way, simply drop them or change them.

For the New Year, I endeavor not to waste my time and energy by sticking to things and people that aren’t adding to the overall good in my life.

Kick Out Monotony

To change yourself today refers to the importance of making the best decisions you can for YOU. If you can’t take decisions immediately, you can’t transform magically overnight. It’s the art of decision-making that can either put a scowl on your face for life or make you grin from ear to ear. You have to decide to improve yourself and it means taking an action! Feeling monotonous is a sign that you should try something different, something crazy, and something exciting. It can be anything that will spark your life up and fill that empty hole in your life.

Why not aim to learn a new skill, change your hair color, take a new class or just do something different (like what I’ve done this month). One thing I’ve wanted to learn is how to make my own clothes (which I talk about in this blog post here) or just be able to make a piece of clothing that I am proud about. I saw a blogger do a t-shirt collab and I thought, what a great idea! It’s way easier than what I initially thought. It just goes to show that our minds can be so limiting and really things can be easier than they seem if you just give them a little time.

And by doing something different, it’s something that doesn’t have to be ground-breaking. For example, my sister-in-law really wanted to learn how to contour. She thought you had to be really good at makeup to be able to do it. I encouraged her to simply, go ahead and buy a contour kit and learn how to contour. Just do it! And she did it! Another example of this is my cousin who has an eye phobia. She wears glasses and has never tried wearing contact lenses. The same goes for false eyelashes. She has always wanted to wear fake eyelashes but could never bring herself to do it. In the last week, she has accomplished both, wearing contact lenses and wearing fake eyelashes! And I am so proud of her because I know she has been wanting to do this for years, but couldn’t be bothered kicking out the monotony in her life to concentrate on doing something for her. Wearing glasses was just the easy option.

For me personally, I’ve started incorporating the ‘kicking out monotony goal’ from my life from last week when I was inspired to buy a velvet dress. And I know this may seem something very small to you reading this, but for me Velvet is something you would never see in my wardrobe. Velvet is something I’ve steered away from completely. I don’t have one single piece of velvet in my house, let alone in my wardrobe. Velvet has never really been ‘me’. However, my friend was wearing black velvet pants the other day and I was like ‘they actually look really nice’. Then I hoped online and found a blogger wearing velvet and I thought – why not, let’s give this a go. And you know what, it really kicked out monotony! This is something I thought I’d never do and it actually bought a refreshing spark to my life.

Different implies avoiding what your days usually consist of, and simply by doing something different, can make all the difference to your day.

Listen To Yourself

There might be a day in your life, when you wake up on a Monday morning, rub your eyes and realize it’s actually Sunday today? You are over-strained, bound to responsibilities more than necessary and feel underappreciated of yourself. However, when you are busy prioritizing work and also people around you, you often forget to listen to your inner voice, quietly reminding you of what you really want and what you were meant to do. It’s important to listen to yourself, not what others want you to do.

The New Year should be all about pinning your ears back for your daily instincts to help you make finer decisions for yourself and will keep you on the right track.

Start Now! Before the New Year

You need to start making the above changes today and not wait until the New Year. Even before the New Year starts, but more so to finish this year off with a bang, I’m thinking of doing something completely different for Christmas.

Traditionally, my husband and I spend every- single-Christmas with our family. But to be completely honest, our family is becoming an extended family now and not all family members can necessarily make it to our Christmas celebration. So, the dynamic is definitely changing and it’s just not the same as old times. This year, my husband and I are thinking of kicking out monotony and going to a different city to spend Christmas. We have friends in London and have offered for us to spend Christmas with them there. I was also inspired to take the leap to go to London for Christmas after reading Jam’s Christmas there last year. It’s looks so pretty so I think it will honestly be surreal if we end up going.

As this year comes to a close and a New Year is just around the corner, I believe this is the best time to start reflecting but also preparing our mind and soul for the New Year. When you think about it, life is so incredibly short and we shouldn’t take it for granted. So instead of setting New Year Resolutions like lose weight, reduce debt, play a sport etc – remember to also focus on your mind and soul at this time of year so you can start the new year with a healthy mind and soul to help you accomplish what you set out to do!

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