Top 5 Must-Have Makeup Brushes You Need



adies, does this happen to you? When you are shopping online, how many times have you added a new makeup brush to your wish list or to your shopping cart but didn’t proceed to buy it? If you ask me, I’ve done it a zillion times. I think I have a compulsive desire to buy makeup brushes – and I know many others that do too. They are one thing that I love buying and I think it’s because, sometimes, no matter how much you clean them, it doesn’t hurt to get a new one every so often! Typically, I add a makeup brush to my cart, then end up removing it after seeing about another 5 makeup brushes I liked. I’ve got an eye for quality, but some are just wayyy to expensive.

In today’s blog post, I’ll explain to you which makeup brushes you actually need, my top tips for buying makeup brushes and also what you need to look for in your makeup brushes. I’ll explain it to you simply, without giving you information overload.

So how do you know what makeup brushes you really need and should spend your money on? I know, it can be a hard decision. There is hundreds of brands and thousands of different makeup brushes, all at varying price points. I know. I totally get it, I’ve been there, once being so unsure myself. So which are worth your money? What brand is the most affordable? What brushes will give you that flawless look?

And why is it important to have a few of these essential, must have makeup brushes? Not only do they allow you to apply your makeup flawlessly, they increase the durability of your makeup. Not only this but, they actually save you money. You end up applying less makeup compared to as you would by applying your fingers or a beauty sponge (as these other methods, absorb more product, meaning you are using more foundation, primer etc to get the same look).

Every girl who is addicted to make-up needs some very important tools. The ‘tools’ that every beauty addict needs are…. A few essential makeup brushes or a small kit of makeup brushes. Why? Because makeup brushes are essential as a beauty arsenal. Yes, I am a makeup brush girl, I’d rather use the swish of a brush rather than applying makeup with my fingers or a sponge 🙂 There is so many benefits of applying your makeup with a brush rather than your fingers or a sponge (yes even a beauty blender) but I’ll save that for a separate blog post. If you want to know why – leave a comment below and I’ll aim to do an entire blog post about it soon 🙂


You’ll find out a few reasons why you need a few essential makeup brushes later on but for now, with so many options nowadays in stores and online, it’s hard to choose the right ones specific to you and for the usage you want or need. Makeup brushes can be used to blend, cover, shade, contour your face and do that perfect smoky eye or nude eye-shadow look.

My #1 Makeup Brush Beauty Tip: From my own experience, always look for high quality bristles, because they are the key to apply the makeup products you have. If you buy cheap makeup brushes, not only will not makeup not sit right, you’ll waste your makeup also. This will end up costing you more in the long run because your makeup (such as your foundation, primer, blush or eye shadow), will end up just clogging and building up in the poor quality bristles, rather than on your face.

What Makeup Brushes Do You Need?

#1 Foundation Brush

The first and most important brush for your beauty arsenal is a good quality foundation brush. When looking for a foundation brush, choose synthetic brushes. Kabuki foundation brushes allow you to apply it quickly and it gives you a precise application. They can be used for applying both liquid and powder foundation. A flat foundation brush can also be used to apply liquid and powder foundation. What are the differences between all? See below!

The difference? Kabuki brushes allow for full coverage. Flat Foundation brushes allow for precise application. Stipple foundation brushes provide more of a natural look.

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#2 Blush Brush

This kind of blush makeup brush has a lot of uses. With a blush brush, you can use it to define, contour and shade your cheeks. An angled brush offers you precise application and can be used to apply cream, liquid or powder blush aswell as highlighter or bronzer.

A tapered blush creates a natural look when you blend the blush, highlighter or bronzer on your skin.

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#3 Eye Shadow Brush

Eye makeup brushes are a must have for applying eye shadow. The blending brush distributes your eye shadow properly across your eye-lid and is used for blending your multiple eye-shadow shades to create that ‘exquisite eye look’. The crease brush is used for applying makeup in the corner of the eye and in the eyelids, for example, when creating the perfect smoky eye.

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#4 Eyeliner Brush

If you ask most women worldwide, you’ll soon discover that eyeliner is a ‘necessity’ to each and every woman’s makeup routine. I just have a ‘thing’ for eyeliner, just the way it shapes and defines your eyes. After failing many times as a teenager and creating an awkward and wobbly eyeliner, now after years of experience, you slowly develop a knack of it. So what’s the trick of mastering the perfect eyeliner without any wobbly lines? See below!


A proper eyeliner brush. There are two types of eyeliner brushes: the tight eyeliner brush and the fine or bent eyeliner brush. If you prefer a tight line, choose a very thin flat shaded eyeliner brush. If you like the classical cat eye, you should choose a fine or bent eyeliner. Both eyeliner brushes will give you a precise line and will show you the perfect result of your eyeliner.

#5 Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is another essential to your makeup bag. It’s easier to use one than applying your concealer with your fingers. When you apply your concealer with a brush, you can shade and blend faster than with your fingers. The flat concealer brush is used for precise application and blending. The kabuki concealer is prefect to cover acne or dark eye circles and it can be used with powder concealer. The angled cut concealer provides a good camouflage to skin imperfections and it’s also perfect for highlighting some areas of the face.

A Little Bit About Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Extra LaBeaute Tip: Always clean your brushes! Not only for longevity but for performance. For a quick, easy DIY makeup brush cleaner, read, How to Save Money on Makeup & Beauty Products.

If you want your brushes to last for years and years, clean them often. If you want your makeup to be applied properly, again, clean them often! Cleaning makeup brushes, should be a part of your regular beauty routine. The bristles accumulate dirt and oils and they can be bad for your skin. All you need is your dirty makeup brushes, baby shampoo and a cloth or makeup brush container for them to dry. Alternatively, wash with shampoo and dry them with a cloth.

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Like I said above, let me know by commenting below, if you want me to blog about why using brushes is better to apply your makeup rather than using your fingers or a makeup sponge!

Do you agree with the must have makeup brushes above? Do you have one that you think should be included? Leave a comment below as I’d love to know!

3 Responses
  • Reena
    February 27, 2018

    I’d love to know why you advocate a makeup brush rather than using your fingers for applying makeup. I have been using my fingers to apply my foundation all my life but I don’t like it, it feels awful and I feel like I have more foundation on my fingers than I have on my face LOL. I’ve been intimidated to buy brushes because I don’t really know how to use them. I would love to read more on how to use them and which brands exactly to buy.

  • Grace
    February 28, 2018

    Id appreciate to know too thanks. I use the beautyblender but I’m not entirely happy with it 🙁

  • Rhonda
    March 20, 2018

    Oh thank u so much. I never know which ones to actually buy, no re-phrase that, which ones I actually need. I watch so many youtube videos and all these girls suggest so many different makeup-brushes and I just can’t afford everything ever says..This is a fantastic blog post and I thank u very much for making it so simple for me 🙂 Rhonda xx

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