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n today’s post, I’ll share some bloggers that I absolutely adore and admire. These are bloggers that I’ve admired for years (not just now that I have my own blog and understand the behind the scenes work) but EVEN BEFORE the blogging seed started planting in my head to start LaBeaute, I’ve been an avid follower and a big fan of their blogs and their lives.

Even dating back to 2011, I’ve been following some of them! Each of the bloggers are beautiful inside and out and I thought, now that I have an outlet to share with my readers via, I thought I’d acknowledge some bloggers that I’ve loved through the years and I hope you love them too.

But more so now than ever, blogging isn’t easy. Emotionally or physically. What I’ve learnt recently from blogging is the importance of empowering myself as a woman and the necessity of self acceptance, building confidence and strength. What I’ve also learnt and seen with my own eyes is that we as women can help empower each other and the strength we get from one another is strength that one needs to persevere.

It’s also not the traditional sort of 9-5 job. Yes you can pick your own hours, but what ends up happening is that you put way more time into something you want yourself than working for someone else. Often this is more than a standard 9-5 work day. So this post is dedicated to the women and their sites that have inspired me before and during the process of starting, launching and nurturing

Not all of them are beauty bloggers like me, but what we do have in common is the same passion and zest for exploring and sharing what we have to the blog-o-sphere. The least I can do for these women and the passion that they create, is express my gratitude by featuring them on here.

I regularly like to follow new blogs each month. I will constantly update this list for my most favorite blogs so you can see where I am getting my inspiration from.

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My All Time Favorite Bloggers

Bunty Living

Wow is the first thought when I open Bunty’s blog. Her site, Bunty Living is right up my alley in terms of design, it’s feel and her content. She has absolutely awesome style. Although I don’t have children myself (yet), I like to follow Mom blogs because I find it interesting and I know, soon enough, I will be one too. She is an absolute inspiration in the Mom arena. With 3 sons (wow!) she’s both devoted to her family, providing an awesome life for them, but also sharing herself on the internet, allowing all of us to enjoy the journey of life with her. I first stumbled across her site back in 2015, when I was obsessed with ‘life hacks’. This article here was the first ever that I read and I still incorporate in my life, still to this day as a moisturizer (I will endeavor to do a blog post about it soon so stay tuned ladies!): Simple Skin Basics

A Classy Fashionista

What first appealed to me about Kristen’s blog, A Classy Fashionista, was her homedecor (oh and the look of her site too!). Now, a few years on I just love following everything about her. I absolutely love Kristen’s style. Her simple, yet elegant to look, just black and white but it’s everything I love. I remember, when I first started thinking about the design of my blog, I loved her site so much, I just wanted to have exactly the same as hers. Now, she devotes herself to providing some really good information for her readers. I have an obsession with painting furniture myself and she gives me the confidence to go for it aswell, here is where I get my inspiration from her: Home Decor

Southern Curls and Pearls

Apart from being an absolute stunner herself, Caitlin’s blog, Southern Curls and Pearls, has absolutely stunning photos. What’s even more impressive is that her Mom’s takes her photos – pretty amazing hey. I’ve been following her since about 2012 and clearly remember, I started following her because she caught my attention as she liked ‘animal prints’ too which I used to be completely obssessed over too, Caitlin would even incorporate it on her Christmas Tree: Check it out: Trim the Tree

Cliona Hill

My eyes first caught Cliona’s blog, Cliona Hill, back in October 2016, when I was obsessed (and still am) with rose gold packaging, this was the first blog post of hers that I first laid eyes upon: Rose Gold Packaging

Penny’s to Prada

Way before I even started of blogging, back in 2014, my eye caught, Emer and her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog called Penny’s to Prada. Now she has over 76,000 Facebook followers and over 1,500 Instagram followers. I’m a bargain hunter and I love finding awesome ways to avoid paying top dollar for something when a perfectly, inexpensive option exists. One of my favorite posts from wayyyy back in 2014 which I remember so clearly reading about on Emer’s blog is this one. Simplicity is really what excites me and this is an example of that: It’s Simple Things

A Southern Style Blog

I started following Zelle’s blog, A Southern Style Blog, a few years ago. I can’t quite remember when but I remember being so surprised about how this girl wrote. You can feel her passion in every blog post. Shes shares a variety of things such as fashion, travel and lifestyle on her blog and it’s definitely a blog to follow.

A Pretty Penny

I first started following Sara and her blog A Pretty Penny, back in early 2016, probably just before I started my very own blog. As I mentioned above, I’m a home decor and home decor DIY’er and I love revamping old or unloved furniture into new loved features. She’s really creative and the blog post that I’ve loved the most from her DIY is this one here: DIY Ikea Dresser Hack

Sam Schuerman

To be completely honest, I started following Sam via Youtube before I even started reading her blog, called Samschuerman. Now, I’m more interested in reading her blog as I’m losing interest in watching Youtube videos (not just Sam’s, I’m just finding video content tiring for now).  Sam is awesome. I love her vibrant personality, she’s stunning and of course, her blog is too. As I mentioned, I’m a sucker for DIY and she not only shares her beauty and fashion tips, but her latest DIY project also gets a mention. I love Sam and she’s very popular too, she’s got over 250,000 Youtube subscribers! She’s got a great site, great content and easy to navigate. One of my most loved blog posts is this one here: How to Contour

Life of Zola

Probably the blog that I follow least but still like and think it should be included here is Joy Mumford’s blog. She covers some pretty cool topics on lifestyle, travel, food and fashion. You can follow her on Instagram here. One of her posts that I like the most is this one here: Plants & Wellbeing

Star Dust Belle

Danielle’s blog, Star Dust Belle, is a pretty small blog but its been around since way back in 2010. I don’t believe she is fully full time with it as her site does lack content as I see she uploads around 1 article per month but what she does share, she shares with all of herself. For a blog that isn’t too in your face, this one is a goodie 🙂 I love her recent eye palette article as it’s right up my alley!

The Yorkshire Pudding

I really love what Joelle and her blog, The Yorkshire Pudding promotes. Absolutely everything that she writes about is exactly how I am trying to change my life and also one of the reasons why I started It’s another great example of a blogger wanting to empower women to ensure they live their life with ultimate fulfillment.

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