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think it’s just the right time to share with everyone my Christmas Wish List. I don’t like to create my wish lists too early for a few reasons. If I do my wish list in November, I might change my mind on what I really want (LOL) and secondly, now is the perfect time to choose what I really want because I feel that some really good gifts (such as limited edition pieces) that become more widely available leading up to Christmas, more so in December.

I find Christmas can generally be a time of over-indulging. Over-indulging in calories (my waistline suffers real bad at this time of year), and also a over-indulging in gifts or being gifted – anyone agree? I guess it’s a time that you can’t possibly need so many gifts and generally, I can take myself on a path of requesting presents that I don’t necessarily need, but more so want. These are things that I probably wouldn’t spend my own money on, but would love to receive via a gift. However, of course, there is definitely a few items that are in the ‘need’ category, but I would say 70% of the gifts that I request or are gifted to me are not a necessity in my life.

I’m a super organized person by nature. So much so, that my husband thinks that I lack spontaneity  in my  life since everything has to be planned to each exact detail. Including creating this Christmas wish list, he says that I never make room for surprises! I know he is 100% right, but I just can’t help myself, organizing is just too ingrained in me. Plus, he is the spontaneous person, so I like to think that we balance each other out. 🙂 It’s just what makes me happy. It’s just what makes me feel good, but I guess only when things go to plan. When things  in my life don’t go to plan, I tend to lose a little bit of control and my emotional state really can go haywire (But I’m learning to cope with that!). I’m really good at creating lists, but when I see other lifestyle bloggers, like Sophie who creates all types of lists including holiday lists, seasonal to do lists, bucket lists and wish lists… I tell my husband, I am really not that bad after all 🙂


Part of me organizing my life, means that I need to have the right tools by my side. Ok, to put it simply, I am an agenda freak. I love this time of year because it means I get a new one! My husband thinks I am absolutely crazy by how excited I get buying a new agenda/planner for the upcoming new year.

Having a nice planner is one of my necessities in my life, it’s something that I need + want + are required to have in order to keep me sane. I write down absolutely everything in my agenda each year, including my goals, how I’m feeling and what I want to achieve. I love shopping around for the cutest and most practical agendas or personal planners, I’ve narrowed down by options, but I think I’ve spotted the one that I really want. For me, this Kikki.K one is my absolute favorite. I like to buy something special as it’s something that I use every-single-day of the year, hence why it forms part of my wish list. My ultimate dream would be to have the Agenda GM by LV (and I recently saw another blogger had it and I got so jealous!), but I might just be asking to much here (I think it retails for over $1000!), maybe one day….


Although I am a total saver at heart, I do like to admire and aim for luxury statement pieces. Every second year or so, I like to treat myself, or ask my husband, family and friends to contribute to purchase a luxury brand ‘statement piece’ for my birthday. I am the type of girl that likes to wear plain(ish) type of clothing, but jazz up my outfit with a statement piece of jewellery, designer bag or designer shoes. I tend to follow the style of other fashion bloggers that have the same style as me, like Melissa and how she add’s the cutest red Chanel espadrilles, a Givenchy bag with an old thift store top and ASOS jeans outfit! That’s my style!

So my next luxury purchase that has caught my eye is a luxury cross body bag. I’ve been wanting one for ages! This Gucci Soho Small Leather Bag  is classic, plain and simple. I can’t decide whether I want to go the black or the biege, what do you think? I really like it a lot but the only downside I see is that I know so many bloggers have it already and when something becomes really popular, I tend to avoid it. I am not one for buying something that everyone else has…That’s the only thing that is holding me back at the moment. For now, it can stay on my wish list.


I’ll probably save this for an entire blog post on it’s own but today I’ll talk a little about it here aswell. I truly struggle to find what I am happy with when it comes to painting my nails. I love gel nails but I hate the maintenance required and that I have to go back to the nail salon for in-fills or to get them removed. I also hate the fact, that if I want to change the color, it’s so difficult to do so. I also don’t believe, permanent nail color is the healthiest thing for your nails either. I love the idea of normal nail polish, because I love changing it up, whenever I feel like it, but it aggravates me so much that normal nail polish lasts for such a short time before it starts looking so horrible. I got this great idea somewhere on the internet of a gel like nail polish that doesn’t chip like normal nail polish, stays on for up to 14 days and doesn’t need a gel lamp and removal is easy. I would like to give these a try. I’m into neutral and natural colors at the moment, so I would really like to get a few colors from this collection.


Like I mentioned above, I love this time of year as cute special limited edition products tend to become more available. I love buying limited edition items. The packaging is cute and I find that having limited edition items breaks up the monotony of other products that I have.

I have a few limited edition makeup, including, the cutest ever Tarte Blush Palette that I’ve included in my Favorite Blush Palettes. You can get more ideas for limited edition makeup. I’m totally in love right now with Mac’s new holiday edition, Snow Ball collection. You can get quite a few different products, but the one that is part of my wish list includes the Snow Ball Face Bag.


I’ve been wanting a chunky knit blanket for a while now. Ever since I first saw one on Pinterest, I’ve been really wanting one, but hey, they aren’t the most affordable item around…I think it’s perfect time now, during winter that I can maybe save up for something like this. I love how they feel, but more so, how they look and how it creates depth in either a bedroom or lounge.

If you are interested in one too, I found this article useful in determining the quality you can get at different price points.


One of those products that I don’t really ‘need’ but more so want, like I mentioned about above, is a massage oil. It’s something that will probably not get used that often in my household as my husband and I tend to be so busy, but I feel that if I had a proper massage oil at home, I’d use it more often than I think. I want to start making a routine (<that’s my organized self speaking out again) of doing home massages every Friday night. And there is no better way than having a good quality massage oil in easy access.I stole this idea from a beautiful pregnant blogger as I know she swears by it for pregnancy. I say we all deserve a little massage every now and then – I mean, why  not? I’m sure that if I suggested to my husband first, he would be all in. After, he will return the favor, totally fair in my eyes….


Next on my list goes back to my organization addiction (you can read about my makeup organization addiction here). I’ve seen a few shops around town selling some cute bulletin boards. If you are similar age to me, do you remember those cheap cork boards we used to have as kids, well this is the modern version 🙂 I’ve come home and had a look on the internet, and some are so cute and I really want one!!! They not only look good, but they are oh so practical for people like me! Something like this is not only functional for our kitchen area to remind my husband and myself of our upcoming financial obligations or other commitments, but also in our office aswell. You can use them for whatever you feel like, including just handing photos or it can be used as an inspiration board. This is the one that I want and you can get it from Ikea.


I’m a big of a watch hoarder. I have so many watches already but I always fall in love with a new style. What I noticed in my watch drawer the other day is that my watches all tend to be bulky and heavy. Lately, I have been wanting more of a feminine style watch, with a less bulky band and more minimalistic, simple style. This Michael Kors one has caught my eye and it’s my latest watch that I’m obsessing over.

#9 & # 10

Let’s be honest – fashion isn’t my strongest point. I love everything about fashion and buying clothes, but I just don’t have the natural ability of making an outfit out of nothing, like my friends do, in comparison to other fashion bloggers or in comparison to my natural ability to do a DIY project, it’s just not the same (LOL).

Like I briefly mentioned above, I’m a woman that prefers basic clothing, jeans or plain pants and a plain top. I prefer to spice up a plain outfit a really nice bag, stunning ‘statement’ shoes, scarf, a statement piece of jewerelly or accessories. I’m totally obsessed with these two pairs of shoes right now which I think are really cute for the festive season and they are actually really affordable price (I found them for $59.99!) The Kimika ones I love and the Chloee ones are just stunning aswell. What do you think? You can also check out here for more sophisticated shoes aswell.


Last on my list is something I really need, urgently. Our camera got destroyed recently (more about that another time), so that means, all the photos I had for my blog got destroyed aswell.

This time, I want a white camera and I’m looking at getting this camera, the Sony A5000 Mirrorless. But if you have any suggestions, I am open to any feedback. If you have this camera, let me know what you think of it. If you don’t but you love the camera you use, please let me know!

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