My Life Hasn’t Gone According to Plan



y life has been so incredibly hectic and I feel I am drowning in not only my ‘to do list’ but also in my thoughts and emotions. What I’ve learnt is that life’s not always easy, in-fact, many times, it can be dam tough. At times when life throws a curve-ball at me, I try so hard to remain positive, but inside I am crippling with negativity and fear. Some things have popped up recently with health of family members (and a funeral), aswell as personal issues that affect my husband, myself and our personal life. Every year I get older, I’m learning that no matter how many plans or ‘to do’ lists that you have done to plan out your life, life doesn’t always go to plan, if at all.

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I blog regularly on LaBeaute about Self Development and Self Improvement as it’s an area of life that intrigues me, it’s something that I need to work on myself, it’s something that inspires me to be a better person and to live a better life for myself. So today’s blog post is another reflection post. In-fact, last week, to celebrate the start of the month, I wrote a blog post about how to find serenity in your life. I uploaded this blog post in order to remind myself how I really need to balance and find serenity in the smallest things that make me happy. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for a while now.

For me personally, I’ve put in place a few things that I wanted in my life and when I look back, no matter how hard or how much I planned or visualized it to happen, for some unknown reasons, I didn’t always get what I wanted. But please don’t take me wrong. It’s always important to have plans in place and to visualize what you want. But it’s also important that you understand that things don’t always turn out as planned and not to spiral out of control when they don’t. It’s ok to be upset when things don’t turn out, but it’s also important that you pick yourself and carry-on to keep trying to achieve your dreams.

The whole reason why I blog alot about self-development and self-improvement is because the more women and young girls I meet in my day to day life, it’s a common subject that is brought up. Everyone wants to live a better life, a more fulfilling life and a more happier life.

The biggest tip I can give is to find people that you can relate to. Seek them out and let them inspire you. I hope by my little reflections and emotional dumps that I provide here may relate to some of you. Just know that whatever you are thinking and feeling, there is always someone out there, feeling exactly the same way as you. I especially felt that I could relate and felt the exact same way as another blogger recently and she really helped me get through some dark phases in my life. You can read more about her and her inspiring blog here.

Don’t forget to continue giving it all. Keep inspiring yourself and never lose faith!

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