My Unexpectedly Amazing Month So Far….(I Did Something I Have Never Before!)



said to myself last year, that I was going to make my life more meaningful (I also blogged about it here). And guess what? I’ve already started the year off with a bang! Iactually have done some things, already this month that I’ve never done before in my life! I’ve actually been doing quite a lot in my personal life and decided I’d write a month in review (so far) post today to share a few new pretty big things I’ve done, experienced, changed and purchased for myself. Some I am happy I did, others I do feel a slight bit of regret. But as a whole it’s been a great start to the New Year and I’m feeling good about the year to come.

So apart from being a  little MIA on my blog (I’m back now so don’t worry), you will soon read what has been taking up my time…So let’s get into it. Also, let me know what you think below in the comments.

This Month, I Lived for the Moment

This month, I accomplished one of my goals that I set last year (you can read more here). It’s something I said I was going to do more of in my life. And that was – to start kicking out the monotony in my life and live more in the moment. We only get once chance at living. No second chances. This means that I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and stop focusing on the negatives in my life and make changes to make my life more interesting, more eventful and more happy. So how did I kick out monotony? It was something that was completed unplanned and unscheduled. I booked an impromptu trip for my husband and I. I searched online for wherever there was cheap flights and accommodation for the weekend ahead and we literally book it the morning to leave that night. It was the first time I’ve actually done this in my life and it felt so good!

To be completely honest, if you have a travel addiction, it doesn’t help when it seems everyone is traveling or when you follow a blogger traveling the globe. But for my husband and I that haven’t really been travelling that much for a while now, it was a great way to kick out the monotony in our lives, experience something different, live for the moment and a great way to collect wonderful memories of your life, the only life we are given.

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This Month, I Finally Purchased It

Like I mentioned in my last blog post about the Must Have Beauty Products Launched This Month, I went ahead and purchased a product I’ve been wanting to buy for a while now. I’ve been envying one of my friend that has pretty much every product from this brand. As I don’t have any products from this brand, one thing I have loved so much is the packaging. After so much temptation, I went ahead and bought it. I purchased it last week, the day after I wrote my blog post, and I’m in love. Normally I’m into nude eye-shadow palettes, but this eye-shadow is amazing. I purchased the Naked City shade. I will definitely be purchasing a few more of these in the coming months, especially as I start to change my style of make-up heading into fall and summer time (ohhh I can’t wait!).

This Month, I Changed How I Look

I’ve been growing my hair for as long as I can remember. I have had long hair and for a while now (probably a year or so) I’ve been dancing around the idea of changing up my hairstyle. However, it’s something I could never – go for. I was scared. I was so used to having my long hair by my side. I was so used to knowing how and what to do with it. I was so used to seeing how I looked in the mirror and in photos. And I liked that. But it also got to a point where my long hair was really tiring to dry, to style and to maintain. My husband suggested that maybe in the New Year, I should consider actually doing what I had been so indecisive about…Cutting my hair. Cutting it short. I know for some of you that it might not sound like such a big deal. But for me, I’ve never cut my hair short. Ever. So for me – this is a big deal. I spent my nights scrolling through inspiration on Pinterest and also searching Google for short hair styles in fashion or trending.

I also looked at what type of hair celebrities had and also for other inspiration on the internet, including what other bloggers had, on their blogs and their Instagram. It wasn’t until I read this girl cutting her hair that she wrote about early last week and I was like – I’m going to do it! I’m in. I’m all in. And so I did it on Tuesday that just passed. And I although I do miss my long hair, I feel so much better that I actually made the decision to go for it and really it is such a nice change. I feel like a new person. I went out and purchased some new clothes and I felt so much more confident and just, different. I felt like it was a great way to start my new year. All the benefits of short hair that I had never experienced, like just being able to fall asleep and wake up and my hair doesn’t look like a bird’s nest is pretty cool. I’m loving that fact at the moment. It’s also so much healthier and easier to maintain. It’s so much easier to keep up my hair-care routine, after my shower, I just wrap my hair in my special towel that I use to dry my hair without ruining it. If you want to ensure you don’t damage your hair when you dry it after a shower, I’d recommend using one of these towels aswell.

This Month, I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone

Like I have written many times before on my blog, I said I was going to start stepping out of my comfort zone. This whole new ‘me’ entails me living for the moment, pushing myself out to experience more of what this world has to offer. If I don’t put myself out there, I won’t experience. And this month, I told myself I was going to purchase a new piece of clothing that I wouldn’t ordinarily buy or wear. Just because. Some of you may have read on previous blog posts that I’m pretty plain when it comes to my fashion. I like to wear neutral colors and staple clothing whilst jazzing my outfit up with a designer bag, statement jewellery or some other things that I wrote about in wardrobe essential & outfit ideas. What I mean by this is that I am not a fashionista that wears the latest fashion trends or outfits. I like my style, it’s definitely in fashion, it’s reserved, classic and I love it. But it’s just not ‘out there’ like some other fashion stylists dress.

The only time that I might slightly wear something sparkly or more colorful is my collection of party dresses. Originally I was going to buy a pair of flared pants or jeans. But instead I ended up buying this super bright color trousers which is something that I wouldn’t normally buy and they are something that doesn’t not exist in my wardrobe. A definite step out of my comfort zone. Available from TopShop

I know to you reading this, the above might not seem like much. But for me, when your life can tend to be monotonous, these things were a big deal for me this month. So ladies, that’s my month (so far) in review.

What have you got up to this month? Are you living in the moment? Please leave your comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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