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I think just about every beauty brand has come up with a nude neutral eye shadows palette. But few are those, who seriously promise to deliver in terms of application, blend-ability and pigmentation. Fear not! Today, I have compiled a list of the best nude eyeshadow palettes that I personally have experimented with and I am pretty sure, you will be pleased with my picks.

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The Stress-Free Companion

You might not have come across any blogger who hasn’t sung the praises of Urban Decay’s palettes. Apart from its compact size and travel-friendly packaging, this is the best neutral eyeshadow palette in my opinion. The five basic matte nude shades allow you to experiment with different eye makeup looks. I have noticed minimal fall out and the pigmentation is extremely intense. Often, getting matte shades right is extremely difficult but Urban Decay pleases me each time they come out with a new palette. If you want to follow an uncomplicated makeup regime, this palette can be your best buddy for your eyes.

The Beautiful One

If you haven’t heard about the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar, I ask you, “where have you been?” Too faced is literally the epitome of beauty when it comes to their eyeshadow palettes and this natural eye palette is far from being an average one. They are superbly pigmented and you do not have to do hard work to acquire full intensity. The shade range is impeccable, both for day and night time. I love this one and it smells very lovely, almost like a chocolate.

Luxury in a Palette

When it comes to high-end, Tarte always hits the nail on the head. This Tarte Eyeshow Palette in particular is a gem of a product. They apply buttery smooth and the assortment of colors are simply too good to be true. It is a collection of 12 true warm, bronze eye-shadows that never fail to enhance any eye shape. I have never observed any eye shadow to be rough or powdery. They glide on and blend flawlessly. Girls! I am sold.

The Drugstore Gem

My post wouldn’t be factual without the theBalm NUDE Eyeshadow Palette. This natural palette is a good mix of satin, matte and shimmery shades. The quality is fantastic and the shades blend very nicely. I haven’t experienced any fallout and the shades last for a very long time, with minimal creasing. A big thumbs up to this product.

A Versatile Choice

The LORAC PRO Palette is a cool-toned natural palette, enabling you to create a diversity of looks, plus it comes with an eye primer as well. The eye-shadows are tremendously pigmented, no fall out and it goes on really smoothly. I have yet to find a fault with this palette but obviously, there is none. The big mirror it comes with is very handy for travelling and quick touchups. It is certainly one of the best investments I’ve made.

The Trusty Buddy

This might not come as a surprise but Sleek i-Divine AU Natural Palette Eye Shadow Palette certainly packs a punch when it comes to neutrals. Their mattes are incredibly soft and slither on with super pigmentation. They are very less prone to creasing and do not completely fade away throughout the day. The packaging itself is very sleek and the huge mirror contained inside is nifty for on the go ladies. I absolutely love this one also.

I hope these beauty product favs of mine expanded your mind (and eyes) when it comes to picking a quality eye shadow palette.

If I missed one, please tell me! I am open to trying something new and I would love your opinion.

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  • Patty
    December 14, 2016

    Love these! Just purchased the last one you recommended. Saved big time! Thanks!

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