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o be completely honest, I never even knew this existed until now, but now I know, I absolutely love this year’s chosen most fashionable color of the year! What a great way to inspire and ignite creativity in this world! Especially when it comes to fashion, shoes and accessories, or even beauty, it’s a great color! And if you are into bold colors, this may just be your new color to dress and accessorize with!

So apart from me thinking about my childhood for some unknown reason, Ultra Violet is this years most ‘in’ color. And it’s actually really beautiful, feminine and flattering. I personally love this color, more so than the burgundy color that hit fashion trends a few years back, which took me a while to adopt and I still only have 1 piece of clothing in this color (I’ve talked about it here). But as a traditionally neutrals type of girl, I must admit this color is indeed a little intimidating for me.

But with this year’s most fashionable color being Ultra Violet, I’m sitting on the sideline as to whether it will be easy for me to integrate in my life 🙂 As you will see below, I tell you my honest opinion on some things I would wear and others that I wouldn’t in the Ultra Violet color.

The color is specifically a deep purple shade that is bold yet soft and romantic. I think it represents a woman perfectly. Also, if you want to dress in this year’s color, take out the Ultra and just search for Violet clothes, bags, shoes and accessories instead, it will be a whole lot easier to find what you are after! You will find that when you search violet, you’ll get more array of colors, including lighter purple and dark purple. It’s certainly a great color to incorporate in your spring wardrobe! It’s a beautiful, flattering color to wear that I will definitely be keeping my eye out for a few violet clothing and accessories when I hit the shops and browse online.

Tip: Now the true meaning of this most popular color this year is that it’s meant to be a blue based purple. If you are still finding it difficult to source the exact Violet color, plum is a very similar shade and as equally as stunning for tops, pants, shoes and accessories.

So, let’s get into it, here is a few ways you can wear Pantone’s color of the year or incorporate this year’s color in your everyday life! Don’t forget to look below at the last fashion and accessories that are trending right now in this Ultra Violet Color! You can also read more about Pantone and the color of the year here.

How to Wear The Color of the Year

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Trending in: Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet Eye Shadow

Like I’ve mentioned above, ladies, I am sorry but you typically won’t see me wearing Ultra Violet eye-shadow any time soon. As you have probably guessed by my blog post about my love of nude eye shadows, I am a nude/neutral type of girl. But for those of you that aren’t intimidated like me to wear such bold colors, you should definitely give this one a go!

What else do you need to complete the look? Don’t forget to pair to pair it with some false eyelashes for that dramatic look and some stunning blush for your cheeks (check out the best blushes here)!

Violet Lipstick

Mac, $17.50

Apart from not being an avid fan of ultra violet eye-shadow above, when it comes to dark colored or plum lipsticks, I really like them, plus they are a trending everywhere. Most people that can wear this color, do. My skin in naturally olive so I feel this tone of lipstick really suits my skin. Since darker lip shades have been in fashion since Fall, I already have a lip color that is similar to this which is more of a plum color, but I have been wanting this darker shade probably since the start of the year now. I might check out if Sephora has any brands on sale and snap one up at a good price 🙂

Violet Colored Sneakers

Kohls, On Sale

Violet Nail Polish

I can definitely see myself painting my nails this year’s most fashionable color! It’s just divine!


Revolve, Reduced by $70 and ASOS, $28.50

Party Dress

ASOS, $41 (Reduced from $103)

This color is indeed stunning as a dress for a special occasion. If it suits your skin tone, it’s a definite consideration.

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Casual Clothing

Forever 21, Only $14

This super comfy looking sweater in this year’s most trending fashion color, might just be what some of you may need for Spring which will soon be upon on.

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Violet Earrings

ASOS, Currently Out of Stock

Although I only bought one pair myself, I didn’t realize that tassel earrings were such a big fashion trend until I started looking specifically at what earrings where popular on blogs and social media. I’ve been loving tassel earrings for a while now. And although I mentioned above that I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to incorporate this new fashion trend, I think a pair of earrings would be a great and subtle way to start updating looks with.


Puffer Jacket: ASOS (Now Reduced to $15.50 from $35)

For those of you who want a new jacket, why not consider buying it in this new Ultra Violet color that will be trending all year! This is a beautiful jacket or puffer jacket. Personally, it’s typically not jacket that I would buy, but I can definitely see it being worn out and about by a lot of you that aren’t scared to incorporate colors in your fashion closet, unlike me.



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What do you think? Do you think it will suit your skin tone? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you think of this year’s most fashionable color!

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  • Carolyn
    February 10, 2018

    I had no idea this even existed either, so thanks for sharing this with us! It is indeed a great idea and I love the color also. Thanks Elle, you always share awesome stuff, I love following your blog 🙂 Have a nice day!

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