Why You Need 100% Pure Argan Oil for Hair


Argan oil is certainly on the tip of the tongue of every beauty blogger I am acquainted with and for me; it was not surprising because after reading tons of women ravving about it, I too was besotted. My attraction to argan oil wasn’t the positive reviews only, rather the reason behind my purchase was my dry hair that resembles a bird’s nest and is so frizzy that even a bird would happily nestle in there for an entire month. You can laugh as much as you like but for me, this was a grave setback especially when I wanted to look my most prettiest!

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In my opinion, a perfectly smoothed out mane can transform your looks and can bring out your features in a very graceful manner. That is why I knew that argan oil will be an answer to my prayers because it has been claimed to nourish hair from deep within due to its advantageous addition of Vitamin E and other essential fatty acids.It guarantees to seal the cuticles from getting frizzy and also comes in handy for treating split ends.What more could I want?

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Why This Brand?

When I wanted to spend the money, I wanted to spend wisely. There is sooooo very many products out there, but how do you really know whether something is made from pure argan oil or whether it’s just some cheap subsitute?

One N’ Only Argan Oil Treatment (it used to be called Babyliss Pro Argan Oil) was the most talked about product and I went for it for the sake of my poor hair. I wanted to see whether the product had any credibility and you’ll be amazed to learn that I am literally on cloud nine status as I write this my feelings and thoughts down on paper (or as I type away).

This product was purely and simply made to essentially target our hair and its moisturizing qualities help to revive dry, brittle and frizzy hair.

The product consistency itself is extremely lightweight and doesn’t weigh down my hair, whether I use it as a styling agent or as a leave-in conditioner. It’s remarkably weightless and the pleasant fragrance stays in my hair longer than I could imagine, giving away the feeling of freshly washed hair.

How I Use It

I have been using this product as a deep conditioner thrice a week because basically, it is an oil treatment for hair and can be used any way you prefer. I massage the oil onto my hair and leave it on for 2 to 3 hours, so that my hair can fully benefit from its moisturizing properties. I shampoo my hair and thankfully, the product rinses comfortably without forcing me to go for 3 to 4 washes.

It always leaves my hair looking shiny, soft and supple. Often, with other ordinary hair conditioners, I have noticed that once my hair has dried, it bounces back to its natural frizzy state but with the babyliss pro argan oil, my hair stays shipshape, in control and beautifully in place. Also, if you apply a little of this product on damp hair and blow dry, you will get great results and that’s what I do, when I can’t bother with deep conditioning sessions.

I myself have become a consumer of this product now but what other people have said about this product is that this helps to improve hair texture with continuous usage and reduces hair breakage as well. These two points are true, especially the hair breakage one because my hair shows minimal breakage when I brush it and my hair gets detangled very easily now because this argan oil brilliantly softens my hair.

Many a times I have slept after massaging this oil in my hair and the next day, I wash it all away like normal and my hair turns out to be super easy to handle and manage. Usually, when I go out my hair again becomes frizzy but this product keeps my hair in a perfectly manageable condition and claims to safeguard it from heat and dry air, which is undoubtedly true.

This is truly a lifesaver and with this product, you can save on spending money on unnecessary styling products or even deep conditioners. Try this and you’ll be amazed in the way I was. It has been correct in its claims and is genuinely, the most uncomplicated method to nourish hair!

Have you tried this argan oil before or do you have any other recommendations that are worth a try too? I would love to hear about it!

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  • Bobby
    December 12, 2016

    I’ve been looking for a pure argan oil for ages, as not all are authentic argan oil, this one is! Thx for this!

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