Sephora Weekly WOW Sale (Up to 50% Off Stila, Urban Decay, Clinique, Becca & More!)



i all, Sephora’s Weekly Wow Sale just dropped and honestly, there is some really nice beauty bargains to be had this week! Some TOP BRANDS are even up to a whopping 85% OFF! Check out the BEST DEALS this week below that you can grab from some of the Top Brands!!


And just in-case you were unaware of this in particular Sephora Sale, every Thursday of every week, Sephora drop beauty, skincare, makeup and accessories at seriously reduced prices, and I mean seriously reduced! It’s a time for all bargain hunters to load up their credit cards (or empty their bank accounts) on seriously discounted items on top brand makeup, cosmetics, hair-care, skincare and accessories.

For me personally, I use these Sephora Wow Weekly sales to stock up on products that I don’t necessarily need right now, but will need soon. If something is running out, I tend to buy it in advance as I’d rather buy in on sale, then in 1 or 2 months time, have to buy the same cosmetic item full price. For me, the last time I purchased a beauty product was during the Ulta Sales where I picked up a few great items on sale and my last small makeup purchase was my Limited Edition Tom Ford Private Shadow.

So instead of using any Sephora Promo Codes, you get instant access to these products on sale – BUT ONLY UNTIL STOCK LASTS. Plus, it won’t last forever, it will reset next Thursday, or if sold out sooner! All products are available to purchase both online and in-store.

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Best Sephora Weekly Wow Deals This Week

50% OFF Becca Highlighter (NOW ONLY $19), Available Here

50% OFF Urban Decay Highlighter Palette (NOW ONLY $19), Available Here

I’m so tempted to buy this Urban Decay Highlighter Palette, but I think I might have enough highlighter palettes for now, but it’s such a good price so holding back is hard for me 🙁 Plus, I heard a lot about how good Urban Decay palettes are and I haven’t owned one to date. At half price, this is really tempting for me.

50% OFF Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner, Available Here

$10 OFF Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Palette, Available Here

Although I do have quite a few (blush) nude eye shadow palettes, I don’t have any colored normal eye shadow palettes (I’ve only ever owned one my entire life and haven’t used it in many years!). Although I have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, I’ve been thinking of buying an Anastasia Eyeshadow palette because pretty much everyone I know and read about online that loves and knows good makeup and beauty products has at least one Anastasia Eye shadow palette.

50% OFF Clinique Go-Go Eyes Set (NOW ONLY $13.50), Available Here

50% OFF BECCA Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss (NOW ONLY $11), Available Here

50% OFF Urban Decay Vice Lipstick NOW $8.50 (From $17), Available Here

This is definitely one, if not a few that I will be buying tonight as I’ve really been wanting to check out the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick range for ages now. This brand originally caught my eye in a lipstick review of them back in 2016. I totally forgot about them and purchased other brands since then. But now they are on sale and only $8.50, I might even buy two! I’m keen on the Ravenswood shade which is absolutely perfect for me but haven’t decided on the other shade yet, maybe a brighter one for Spring which is coming soon 🙂

Sephora Tinted Brow Freeze NOW $5 (From $12), Available Here

50% OFF COVERFX Highlighting Palette (NOW ONLY $21), Available Here

50% OFF Clinique Chubbettes ($113.00 value) FOR ONLY $37, Available Here

80% OFF Smashbox Master Class Palette ($220.00 value), FOR ONLY $45, Available Here

60% OFF NARS Matte Lip Pencil Set ($98 VALUE) FOR ONLY $39, Available Here

OVER 70% OFF Sephora Collection Full Face Brush Set ($95.00 value) FOR ONLY $25! Available Here

OVER 85% OFF Sephora Collection Eyeshadow Palette  ($145.00 value) NOW ONLY $19, Available Here

Sephora Individual Eyeshadows NOW ONLY $5 (From $12), Available Here

$20 OFF GHD Hairdryer (Comes with a Free Carry Bag!), Available Here

I’ve included the top reduced items this week, but check out the Sephora Weekly Wow page for all the discounts to be had!

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