3 Ways I Taught My Brain to be More Positive (And So Can You!)


You can start to be more positive only after you have accepted failure the right way. Adding flexibility to your brain (sound’s weird right? but read on….) is the key to doing so and this can only happen by teaching your brain to be positive. I know, it’s easier said than done. But what most people misunderstand is that our emotions stem from our brain. If we feed our brain positive thoughts, we will have positive emotions. Being ‘flexible’ like I put it, means that you can teach your brain to bounce straight back into a positive thought when things get tough. And in today’s blog post I’ll talk about a few of my most simplest, yet most effective ways how I taught my brain to be positive. And so can you.

When? When times are tough… How? Read on…

For me personally, as a blogger, handling challenges and failures is vital for keeping my blog alive. Every day I am faced with a new blog that I think is better than mine. I’m faced with women bloggers that seem just to ‘have it all’. Or just amazing women, that just seem to be able to balance a successful career, life and to be able to blog all at the same time. My mind just gets completely blown away sometimes when I come across bloggers like this. What I’ve learned is that I need to embrace my negative thoughts and let it propel me to giving the best I can.

I have been through these stages when my content just doesn’t feel up to the standards of other bloggers and I just felt that my blog just didn’t completely hit home with my readers. I remember grieving and indulging in mindless weeping – it led me to nothing but severe red sockets, itchy eyes, and a heavy heart. I confided in my partner who motivated me to focus on the positive, rather than dwelling on my failures. When a person experiences failure, concentrating on the positives can lead your brain to find a balance.

But my blog aside, in my personal life and my mental state, I often find I was lacking mental strength to beat the thought of failing and overcoming negative feelings and emotions. This used to disable me from accomplishing anything in my life. Overall, I’ve had my fair share of testing and tough mental times in the last year. I’ll save that for another blog post because today’s blog post is more of a positive one on how I try and overcome these mentally testing times, by training my brain!

Coco Chanel once said, “Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” But during failure, people are negatively impacted and they perceive failure to be a dead-end, which can promote a feeling of uselessness. But being flexible, like I am talking about, means that, acknowledging failure can either completely fuse our bulb or again, lead us to better solutions. That’s why we need to teach our brains to be more positive and create our own happiness.

On a side note, I am a big fan of reading the so called ‘self help books’. I find they refresh my mind to think more positively. And no, this isn’t one of my tips, because I find reading books is something so easy and straightforward, so it won’t form part of my blog post today (but if you are interested in what my favorite self help books are, leave a comment below). But on a side note, the current book that I’m reading is the Power of the Subconscious Mind. It’s definitely an interesting read. A little repetitive at times but I haven’t delved too far into it, not enough for me to recommend it just yet.

So let’s get into it.

Three Ways to Embrace Positivity in Your Life

Be Thankful (But How?)

In negative times, you have to hat tip to the good things in your life, even people, if they have encouraged you in some way. When your brain undergoes an off-putting event, the situation can loom large on your mind for days. And to take charge of the bad energy as soon as possible, you need to keep account of the happy occasions in your life to reduce that ‘negative shock’. This is one of my goals that I’ve decided to put as a priority in my life as I’ve recently decided to start changing the way I am (which you can read about here), by cleansing my mind and soul to enable to me achieve greater things in my life.

I keep a small journal on my nightstand and try to jot down and recollect every happy event of the day, no matter how big or small, before I go to sleep at night. This is the pocket sized journal that I use. It’s small and sweet and just enough for me to write a few words down. The smaller and simpler the better! Remember, it’s just enough to write down a few key words, not sentences..I’ll explain later on why I don’t believe you need to buy an expensive big journal.

Not only do I make it a habit to think positively before going to bed, but by expressing my positive thoughts by putting pen to paper, before my head lays to rest at night, it’s amazing what this actually does to your brain whilst you sleep and how it effects you the next day.

Writing down your positive thoughts and happenings, even small things can influence your brain in a big way. And I mean small. Even the smallest thing of, ‘I felt happy today’ makes your brain connect with your emotions that you had a happy day. Moreover, whenever you feel low, you can read your journal to relive the moments again. Just keep the events short and sweet in your journal because sketching every little detail daily can, trust me – get mundane and you’ll want to skip keeping a journal altogether. No need to buy something big and expensive. Keep it simple!

Replay Positive Sayings (But What’s the Best Way?)

If you have done any business studies or marketing at school, you may recall that the more an ad runs on media platforms, the more it will be remembered and believed upon. If you haven’t heard of this before, think about this; why do you think big brands use catchy sing-a-long ads or eye-catchy packaging and branding? It’s so we can either sing along with them or remember them really well. By being more catchy, we remember them and they become trustworthy. Well, the same is the case with positive affirmations.

To put it simply, this world sometimes, can be full of negative connotations. I mean, when you read or watch the news, is there anything positive on there? No. So it can be difficult to be positive in this world. Now, what about if you filled your house, or your workspace with positive affirmations, wouldn’t you start to feel a little on the brighter side? This is one of the best ways to teach your brain how to be positive!

Our brains work off the information or connotations that it’s given. So you need to remind yourself continuously that “You can do it, “You will pull this off, and you can get this done.” The more you repeat these phrases with conviction in your mind, the more likely you’ll act upon them. But it’s hard to come up with those phrases when you are feeling useless. Right?

What about positive place cards? I have a few sets of these laying around the house. One set in my kitchen. One set in my workspace and one set in my bedroom. I change the card about once a week (read on to find out why I don’t change them everyday) and I am surrounded with positive affirmations in my house – the place where it matters the most. These aren’t affirmations that are useless, they are actual practical and positive affirmations that make me think, YES! I am capable of changing my mindset around! Read below for my tip if you purchase these place cards..
Encouraging yourself with these go-getter quotes isn’t foolish, instead, you are teaching your brain to have faith in yourself and sometime later, these sayings will become a habit. Replaying these phrases will make you more resilient towards negative events and you’ll be more in control of yourself, the next time you face depressing situations. No need to utter these loud, just remember these in your mind and silently repeat whenever an incident asks for it.

Tip: Remember, if you have these place cards or you are thinking of purchasing them, so not change them every day or very often at all. It’s important that you see the same quote over and over. This is the only way your brain with process the quote and you will fully believe in it.

Be Resistant (How Do I Do That?)

In every situation, we have the freedom to choose how we respond to it. It depends on us whether we want to make hay with an incident or despair for life because of it. Our brains naturally zoom in negative events faster than positive ones and make them seem bigger than they actually are. Why? Because we react to self-depreciating things quicker than self-appreciating ones and that’s just how the brain composition goes.

You must learn to challenge negativity and you should start off by detaching yourself, physically, emotionally, and personally, from distasteful happenings. Learn to feel and heal. However, this should only happen once. Recognize how a certain situation made you feel. Once you’ve achieved that, a failure or trigger event won’t strike you so hard. Once you detach yourself, instead, it’s like you’ll observe your failures from a second person’s perspective and will be stimulated enough to begin making positive changes.

Focus on New

Do you remember the last time you started at something new? How did it make you feel? Excited, motivated with a tiny bit of anxiety – but good anxiety? For me personally, I feel awesome when I start a new project and at times, I feel I have an obsession to starting new things, my newest obsessions that I really want right now are to do more DIY around my home and photography. You can get photography inspiration from all around the web.  My recommendation is to get advise from self taught people and youtube videos so you can learn all the basics really easily.

The feelings and emotions I experience of doing something for the first time is amazing. A great way to turn negative times into positive times is to try something a new hobby. It can be absolutely anything that you desire. The only condition – it must make you feel good 🙂

I also found that what doesn’t help my situation with most of these above is that I can tend to procrastinate, quite a bit. And to be completely honest, I think most of us do. I am taking on board and tips and tricks to stop procrastinating and learning to prioritize a bit better so I can accomplish more in my personal and blogging life 🙂 So this is definitely something I am working on currently.

LaBeaute Quote for Today: If You Get Tired, Learn to Rest. Not To Quit.

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