10 Things You Can’t Travel Without in Winter!



o you want to know how to stay warm and look good when you travel in winter, but also pack light by only taking carry-on luggage? Read on..As you might have read in my last post about my unexpectedly amazing month I’ve had so far, I recently challenged myself and have already achieved a few goals that I set out to do early last year.  Already this month, I stepped out of my comfort zone and kicked out the monotony in my life (that can tend to get me bored and depressed) by booking an impromptu trip for my husband and I. And on this impromptu trip, we only took carry-on luggage, like we always do. Many of our family and friends are surprised how we travel just with carry-on only as last year, we also traveled to Thailand for nearly 3 months with only a small carry-on bag each! So in response to my last blog post and how people we know are in awe of our minimalistic travel adventures, I am going to share a few tips and tricks on how to travel light, by talking about the 10 most important things you need when you travel to cold countries or places. So today it’s all about how to stay warm whilst still looking good when traveling in colder months of the year, just like I recently did!

So here goes…I’ve saved the best till last so read on! Don’t forget to read the one simple golden rule about how to pack for your winter travels including your winter travel outfit ideas below! Also if you have any recommendations to add to these Winter Travel Essentials, I’d love to hear about them. Please leave a comment below!

Packing for Winter Travels:

How to Stay Warm, Look Good But Still Pack Light!

#1 Being Comfy is Your First Priority

A super comfy tracksuit is a must have travel essential in any other season but summer. Whether it be Fall, Spring or Winter, a tracksuit is an essential travel outfit for colder months. It’s something that I definitely like to travel in or just wear from day to day when traveling. Let’s be real, not all the photos we see on social media of girls rocking a cute outfit with stunner heels are always practical for your traveling adventures. I for one, would  rather swap a comfortable and warm tracksuit for an outfit just to take an Insta shot. Anyway, I don’t think there is much to say here, it’s something you should definitely be packing if you are traveling in Winter, Fall or Spring.

#2 Shoes or Boots?

When it comes to traveling in winter, it is more than likely that you will be doing a lot of walking and the worst thing when you don’t have proper footwear to brave the cold is when you can’t feel your toes because your feet are so cold, this has happened a few times when I was unprepared and once I bought Ugg boots, I’ve never had cold feet since. I recommend Ugg boots and I always travel in them and with my tracksuit. I’m not just recommending the brand, Ugg, as they are quite pricey, but you can get Synethic Ugg boots that are just as good! I know that aren’t always everyone’s favorite, but if you want to pack practical items in your luggage when you are traveling in winter, Ugg boots are a must! If you aren’t a fan of Ugg boots, then I would definitely recommend normal knee high boots and nothing less. I know alot of fashion bloggers are into ankle boots but I just feel that my feet get cold if I am travelling to a place that is exceptionally cold. However, I do know that Uggs or knee high boots aren’t always appropriate, especially if you are planning a romantic night out for dinner. In this case, a pair of ankle boots are must. However, if you want to travel with carry-on only, then it must be one or the other. But if you have a bigger suitcase, this is more than enough winter shoes to travel with. You can read here about the Red Kimika ankle booties I’m currently obsessed with.

#3 Which Jackets are Best When Traveling in Winter

Like I mentioned in my blog post, Winter Outfit Ideas, my favorite go to travel jacket for winter is a coat. I’m currently going for the camel or beige color as I find that it’s more trendy and goes with more casual outfits rather than a black jacket.

Plus, I am finding most bloggers going this way too, as it’s a great way to jazz up a basic jeans and top outfit, like these Week in Outfits inspiration posts. Sometimes, if I’m traveling to a place that is exceptionally cold, I also travel with another jacket which you can read about below.

#4 Waterproof Backpack

In winter, I don’t recommend traveling with an expensive or luxury handbag. I just don’t think it’s practical as the weather is generally more harsh, unreliable and can bring snow and storms more frequently. A backpack is a must have winter travel essential, but a waterproof backpack is even more appropriate, for obvious reasons…

#5 Adding Class or Looking Fashionable On a Budget

Now I’m not just going to suggest a beanie here (although beanie’s tend to be the most practical and light weight for when you want to travel light with only carry-on in winter), but if you aren’t a beanie type of person (I have a few friends that hate beanies), a great low cost alternative to making yourself look super fashionable is a hat. If you can wear a hat, it at least protects your head from the harsh cold. I’ve mentioned my favorite winter hat in my 10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials + Outfit Ideas blog post, so you can either choose my favorite hat this season that I included in my blog post or this one here is also very fashionable. Alternatively, don’t forget a few scarfs. Don’t go for the bulky type that won’t fit in your suitcase, but rather you can include 2 scarfs that are fashionable, will provide warmth, and will style a basic jeans, shirt and coat outfit!

#6 A 2 In 1 Lip Product

I won’t talk too much about this here because I think I’ll save it for another post about some essential makeup and beauty items to travel with, but I thought I’d just add this one in quickly as it’s something I forgot this time around and my lipstick and lip-gloss just didn’t cut it whilst I was recently away. When you are traveling and it’s cold, it’s more than likely that your skin and lips will suffer. They will become dry and brittle. And when my lips are dry, putting on lipstick or lip-gloss just looks and feels horrible. I generally travel with just a lip balm (Vanilla Bean from Burt’s Bees is my favorite), but I feel that it just doesn’t cut it, I feel that my skin is pale enough from the lack of sun and my lips need that little extra color to them.


I find that the only solution lies within a tinted lip balm. By buying a tinted lip balm, whatever brand you choose, it will give you that lipstick look of adding color to your lips whilst conditioning them so they don’t become dry, cracked and evil (LOL). I always buy the Burts Bee’s tinted lip balm as it’s chemical free and lasts for ages on my lips! The shade I bought was the Red Dahlia. And for such a tiny item, it should definitely be packed (and not forgotten!) in your suitcase or handbag when traveling in winter. I see lots of girls on Instagram raving about it aswell so it’s not just me that’s in love with this product.

 #7 The Most Important Piece of Clothing You Need

(Travel Secret!) So if you are traveling in winter to a country that is very cold, the most important thing you need to pack in your suitcase is….thermals (or Long Johns as some of us call them!) Thermal underwear are a must have travel clothing essential, they are the only thing that will enable you to stay warm and cozy when outside in the cold. And don’t just buy one, I would recommend buying two so you can wash one and still have another pair. I recommend buying both thermal leggings and a thermal top. As I mentioned below, these can also be used as pajamas also. These will make you feel warm and look good as you can wear anything on top of them and still feel warm. You can buy thermal underwear absolutely everywhere, including Marks&Spencer, Amazon, Target or at Kohls.

#8 No Need to Worry About Your Eyebrows

This one is an awesome way to do your makeup the easiest and quickest way when traveling. Ok, maybe not your entire makeup but when it comes to shaping your eyebrows, it’s a gamer changer. Let’s face it, when we travel, we don’t and shouldn’t have all the time to be doing our makeup or making ourselves pretty. We should be out exploring and experiencing the world. My husband and I set a timer in the mornings when we travel, we aim to be out of the hotel room or our Airbnb within 30-45 minutes within waking up. This way, I just do basic makeup, get dressed and we are out exploring, just like you should too. There is no other reason why you should be traveling! Now, when it comes to eyebrows, I have heard some girls spending up to 10-15 minutes filling them in! That’s crazy. Eyebrows are a facial feature that need most of our attention and the fuller your brows the better. Now I have to admit, this product is not my idea, I’ve seen it floating around social media and on beauty blogs aswell, so I thought – what a fantastic idea. I applied this Maybelline Tattoo Brow the night before we traveled and I didn’t have to fill in or shape my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to make my eyebrows look fuller the whole time I was away. It’s a semi-permanent eyebrow product that ensures your eyebrows are evenly filled and looking fabulous without having to spend any time each day. Just one application and it can last up to 2-3 days. Tip: I personally bought the Dark Brown color and for it to last the entire 3 days, I recommend leaving it in for longer than the recommended 20 minutes. This is an excellent buy for those that really can’t be bothered filling in their eyebrows every day, more so when traveling. It’s a definite must have makeup travel item especially if you are only taking carry-on luggage and you are unsure what makeup and beauty items you should travel with. I’ve talked more about that below aswell.

#9 Best Pants to Wear Traveling

I’ve always found that jeans are my go to travel pants. They are thick and resilient and once I place my thermals underneath, they keep me cozy and warm for hours. Alternatively, a black pair of pants is always a good choice, if you have the room.

#10 How to Be Prepared for Delayed or Cancelled Flights

In winter and colder months of the year, there is a higher probability that whilst traveling your flight, train or bus could be delayed or even cancelled. Always be prepared to entertain yourself with a good book. But I mean a good book. I know this goes without saying when you travel in general, but more so in winter, I think a good book is definitely something to pack. And be careful of best sellers. Read on for what I mean. Why not buy advance or online to secure some good deals rather than paying top dollar at the airport or paying for magazines that cost pretty much the same as a book but provide way more value than it end up being in the bin. And don’t just rely on ‘best sellers’ on websites or of the likes as you never know how much a company has paid to get up on the ‘favorites list’.

Always get advice from friends or family if they can suggest to you a good book. I tend to find that I like to bring it up as a topic of conversation, especially when I met someone new, it’s a great conversation starter. If they suggest some good ones, I write them down on my  phone and look online when I get home. Alternatively, look online to blogs and social media for some other popular books. This is probably the best advice I can give, but just make sure that if bloggers recommend it, it’s not a paid advertisement, but rather books that they genuinely like and honestly recommend. That’s where I like to get my inspiration from. I’m a non-fiction girl, I love reading biographies or anything real life as I like to be inspired by real life events. I tend to gravitate towards health and wellness books as I think we cannot stop learning about the health of our body and our minds (more so our minds as we can be so overall distracted and overwhelmed with the world that we currently live in).

If You Have More Space, Also Take These

  1. Sunglasses are always a good idea.
  2. An umbrella is a good idea if you have the space.
  3. A really really moisturizing lotion. Not just a normal moisturizer that can be used for any season, it’s important to hydrate and moisturize our skin as we are constantly in the heat indoors and exposed to the cold outside which can play havoc on our skin.
  4. Thick winter socks. Not just ordinary socks, invest in good ones to ensure you can keep walking all day long without freezing your feet off. Tip: Don’t just purchase thick wool ones, you need pack winter socks that are lightweight too (and yes, these do exist!).
  5. Gloves so your hands don’t freeze off!
  6. A scarf, not just for the cold, but to mix up your winter travel outfits and look good.

How to Pack Light For Winter Travel

Packing for winter travel can be really difficult. It’s the combination of wanting to look nice, feel comfortable but most importantly, being warm. Above all, how can we possibly tick all those boxes? Here is a few tips on how to pack your luggage when traveling in winter or the colder months of the year.


Basics first. This includes underwear, bras and socks. You will always need these so pack these first.


You can skip on packing pajamas when you are traveling in winter as you can substitute #7 above as pjs!


If you are traveling light with carry-on only, toss the jumpers or sweaters and replace with coats or puffy jackets only. You definitely won’t be able to fit a puffer jacket in your suitcase, so it’s a good idea to hold it on board. Regardless of this piece of winter clothing taking up so much room, it’s something that I always always travel with. There is no better way to stay warm when traveling than with a puffer jacket. Generally, I like to hold a puffy jacket on the plane as it simply won’t fit in my suitcase, and if I take an additional coat, I fold my coat neatly at the top of my suitcase, only after everything has been placed inside. Tip: Your coat should always be packed last!


Limit your makeup and beauty items. They take space and weigh a ton! Take only the makeup and beauty essentials you really need when traveling (don’t forget the product I mentioned in #8 above so you don’t even have to think about filling in or shaping your eyebrows to look fuller when traveling. You can have fuller brows within 20-30 minutes that can last a small 3 day vacation. Also, don’t forget to ditch the palettes and makeup kits – they simple take up too much space. And remember what I said above, you shouldn’t be spending 1 hour making yourself pretty or getting that perfect contour – we should be exploring the world! I recently bought an eyehadow here (#6) that I’ve been wanting in like forever, and this is all I took with me! Also – don’t forget that I am always open to any other tips or idesa, especially when it comes to awesome new makeup or beauty products. I love hearing your thoughts and especially, like I mentioned above, I struggle to find good lip color in winter when my skin color is a little more on the pale side. For example, I recently found this lip crayon that is perfect for winter, it’s an awesome recommendation and I’m really keen on trying this one out.


Always pack something waterproof. Whether this is a waterproof puffy jacket like I mentioned above, or a waterproof parker, it’s something that is always a good idea.


Rather than packing big bulky sweaters or jumpers, opt for cardigans which can easily be packed in your suitcase and layered underneath a coat.


Any finally, there is simple rule on how to pack light in cold weather whilst still trying to fit in all your winter outfits in your suitcase. The simple rule is this: Either pack and wear tops + jackets v sweaters/jumpers. You simply won’t be able to fit in sweaters and jumpers in a carry-on suitcase. And generally, with a larger suitcase, after you have packed your winter jackets, winter boots, scarfs, hats or beanies, there isn’t really enough room for everything!

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So this sums up my top recommendations for an essential packing list for winter. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, I’d love to hear them – leave a comment below!

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