30 Before 30 (NOT Your Typical Bucket List!)



find the typical ’30 Before 30′ lists to be either boring like ‘join gym’ or so extravagant that most people can’t afford to travel somewhere exotic or do half the things on the list because the ideas are so expensive! And I typically don’t like the idea of a ‘bucket list’  as I tend to associate it with dying. Instead I like to call this a list of amazing things to make your life better (before a certain age). Some cost money and other’s don’t. My 30 Before 30 list will not be full of amazing adventures that cost a fortune, but rather a list of things that I have personally thought of that you can live a happier life.

I’ve always traditionally planned out my life. But, life doesn’t always go to your plans, if at all. Don’t get unmotivated by what I’m saying though. I am a planner, an organizer at heart and it’s something I won’t ever stop doing. However, it’s also good to be adaptable and to be spontaneous in life aswell. I’ve learnt that from my husband and as a traditional organized freak that I am, my husband’s spontaneity has brought a lot of happiness in my life.

I have no idea what’s gotten into me lately, but it seems that blogging about positivity, inspiration, self-improvement and self development is what’s flowing out of my fingertips. Maybe it’s because clicking over to the official month of Spring and the fact that I am now writing ‘March’ everywhere is making me feel nervous as to how quick the year is passing by already. There is so many things that I planned to do, that I haven’t even been able to start yet and I guess, it’s starting to make me reflect on life a little more. How quick it goes and you start to question yourself, are you living life to the fullest?

I believe it’s always good to at least write down what you what to achieve by a certain age or within a certain number of years. The organized addict that I am, in previous years, have traditionally written down what I wanted to accomplish within 2, 3, 4 and 5 years time. Like I said in my blog post that I mentioned above, many plans that I set out a couple of years ago, never eventuated and some are still in the process of happening. For me personally, it’s been a slow process of accomplishing my goals that I set out nearly 5 years ago.

So instead, why not write a post about the things you can at least realistically achieve and DO by a certain age. Today’s post has been inspired by Mira and her 30 before 30 post and it made me start thinking, why not create a list myself.

This is a great way ensure that you do some pretty cool things in the meantime, apart from personal and financial goals, is to ensure that you are having fun! Here are some things that if you are in your 20’s, you should aim to do before you hit the big 3 0.

LaBeaute Quote for Today: Better An ‘Oops’ Rather Than a ‘What If’

#1 Sinking Cities

I watched a documentary the other day about a few places around the world that will soon, in-fact never exist! Since, they won’t exist soon, why not travel to them?! Just like Venice which I have already been too, there is a few other countries that are sinking which you don’t really hear or know about. Eg. The beautiful paradise island called, Kiribati amongst others.. If you have a general interest like me, you can read more information here.

#2 Save, Save, Save

That means that you need to put an automatic deposit to put in a small amount, at least weekly to start saving! Learn other ways to save money, including saving money on makeup and beauty products (without waiting for sales) and being smart with your money!

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#3 2nd Language

If you only speak one language, why not learn another. If you have been traveling, you will know how frustrating it is when you get to a foreign country and you can’t understand what the shop assistant is saying or you can’t understand the train or street signs. Instead of relying on a travel book, start learning a language you have always wanted, right now.

#4 365 Day Photos

OMG, I found this idea last month and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. There is a photographer that is working on her 365 day project. That means that she takes a photo each and every day for a whole year. I thought this was a great idea and I really want to do this for my life, because although everyday might seem boring, over an entire year, your life is truly exciting. I often think about doing it but I really want to capture really nice photos, so I am waiting for our new camera to come so I can start this. I just love this idea and I think everyone and anyone should do it!

#5 Buy Something Expensive

You don’t need to be envious of other Instagrammers with expensive fashion and accessories. I recommend you at least buy one expensive, brand name, high end luxury good before you turn 30. The reason for this is because when you hit your 30’s, your priorities will change and you won’t have the budget to allow for a luxury purchase. I’ve recently bought a luxury purchase that I have alluded to in a few blog posts and I can’t wait to share my results using it soon. Can you guess what it might be? It’s to do with permanent hair removal 🙂 The images below are some other things I’ve been really wanting to get with it comes to fashion. I’ve been wanting these Chanel Espadrilles for so long now!

#6 Grow Out of Grudges

I think all of us women, when growing up, we tend to hold grudges against our family and friends for something they have done or said. Before 30, you need to learn to grow out of grudges, it will make your relationships better!

#7 Travel Solo

I travelled solo in my teenage years and I absolutely loved it. It allowed me to grow and mature really quickly and I learnt some of the best experiences by travelling and communicating with foreigners all by myself. If you are in your 20’s, its a good idea to plan a solo trip by yourself. And it doesn’t have to be an international trip or a big one. Just a weekend away is fine! Or if you are still a student, why not apply for a student exchange in another country?

#8 Organize

Coming from an organization addict myself, trust me when I say it that if you are an organized person, you can actually reduce your stress levels by organizing your life a little better. This will reduce mental clutter and allow you to achieve more goals that you set your mind to.

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#9 Eat

Eat something you never thought you would. It doesn’t have to be disgusting or exotic, it’s just something that you have never bought or eaten. Believe it or not, I have never bought or eaten a macaroon.

#10 Improve Yourself

Back in my teenage years and early 20’s, I had this warped reality where I thought people that read so called ‘self help’ books were a little weird. I slowly learned that the so called ‘self help’ books were actually quite interesting. I started to read a few and learned some really valuable lessons that not only allowed me to improve myself, but I learnt quite a few things that other peers my age had no idea about. This allowed me to excel in my schooling, in my career and my relationships, more than my peers could.

Learn to seek on how to improve yourself. Remember, no one is perfect. It’s a good idea to read a few fundamental self-improvement books not only to improve yourself, but to reflect on your own personality, and how you react to situations. This is not only for your benefit but improving yourself will allow for you to have better relationships with others. A book called, Mind Your Head is one in particular that has caught my eye after I read about it here and has been called ‘a book that every single person in the world must read’.

#11 Volunteer

Other than helping out and doing good, volunteering enables you to meet people you probably would not have met otherwise.

#12 Practice Self Love, Often

This is similar to the ‘Improve Yourself’ one but it’s more so focused around practicing your own self love. Having gratitude is an example of this.

#13 Digital Detox

Although this is something you should regularly do throughout your life, before your 30’s you need to make it a regular event. That way, you will slowly learn to grow out of the social media addiction, like having to check your phone first thing in the morning. I recently spoke about how you can do a partial of full digital detox here.

#14 Live Solo

Like I mentioned above when traveling solo, you learn a vast amount of things in a short period of time. You grow, mature and develop into a more capable person. This is exactly the same as living solo. You are dependent on yourself only and it’s amazing the things you learn about yourself!

#15 Not Just Cook, Host

Before writing this blog post, I did a little snooping around as to what other’s had written about in their 30 things you must do before you turn 30. A lot of bloggers talk about learning to cook before your 30. My suggestion is, the only way you can learn to cook is when you are under pressure. So I take it a step further, learn to cook and host a dinner party yourself where you have cooked every single dish. This way, you will really learn how to cook! Really, there is no excuse not to know how to cook anymore. Back say 10 years ago you may have had an excuse as recipe and cooking books were so darn expensive, but with the internet these days, everything is free and at your fingertips!

#16 Train for a Marathon

This is one that I am still attempting to do 🙂

#17 No Regrets

Now that doesn’t mean to do anything and everything you want without realizing any consequences, but it’s more so a state of mind. I find a lot of people do these, a message to my younger self type of blog posts. If you live with no regrets, then you won’t need to have a reason to write a letter to your younger self!

#18 Pet Love

I talked about in a recent blog post which you can read here, how I am dreaming of getting a golden retriever. But if a dog is too much, why not consider a bird, or fish?

#19 New Skill

Believe it or not LOL, I never knew how to do my own makeup! It wasn’t until I started following beauty blogs myself to get inspiration and starting practicing on myself that I learnt. And a lot of well known beauty and makeup bloggers had no idea either, as in they didn’t come from a professional makeup artist background. Just make sure you buy quality makeup and beauty products to enable you to get the look you need. Why not learn how to do a proper contour or learn how to apply fake eyelashes (but only buy good quality fake eyelashes such as these).

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#20 Make Plans

By this, I mean set yourself goals for what you want to achieve in 2, 3, 4 or 5 years time.

#21 No Debt, No Worry

Ok, I know I said above to buying something expensive, and also about saving, but this one is more about wiping off any debt and not putting yourself into more debt! If you have debt, aim to pay as much of it off as you can and learn ways you can make your financial life better.

#22 Fashion

When it comes to fashion, why not wear something you never thought you would ever wear. For me personally, this is something I am currently doing 🙂 For example, in my blog post about This Year’s Most Fashionable Color , it’s typically not a color that you a lot of people wear, but it’s a beautiful color that you should definitely incorporate.

#23 Naked

Sleep or swim naked. It feels different but so worth it.

#24 Dream Job

Apply for your dream job and with a laid back attitude, you never know how you might be received. I am living example of this. I applied for a job that I didn’t think I would ever get and I went to the interview relaxed and was just myself. I was hired.

#25 Garden Guru

Start your own garden at home so you can live off your own produce

#26 Hair Care

I know this sounds weird, but really it isn’t. I am sure we all have a skin-care routine, so why don’t we also have a hair-care routine. I know many people and bloggers out there do have a hair-care routine, but many of my friends do have a little giggle when I suggest it to them. Put it simply, why shouldn’t we have a hair-care routine? Just like our skin needs nourishment, so does our hair. If we look after it when we are young, it will stay in better condition when we are older. Read below for the only 2 products you need (that cost less than $30 total) to maintain your hair beautifully.

The two staples for a healthy hair-care routine to keep your hair healthy and shiny are an Argan Hair Oil and this hair towel to dry your hair that you should be using instead of an ordinary towel to dry your hair. If you aren’t using this hair towel, you are damaging your hair every time you wash it!

#27 Carbon Footprint

There is many ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint in your life. All you need to do is walk a little more often or ride your bicycle. Taking public transport is also a small example of your contribution to a healthier and more sustainable planet.

#28 Start a Business

I know it’s not easy, but there is many people out there, right this minute, starting their own business and if they can do it, why can’t you? Starting my own business is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now but it’s that terrible word of ‘time’ that is holding me back. Between being an amazing wife (if I say so myself LOL), being a good daughter to parents that need my help, having a job and maintaining a blog that I am passionate about, the ‘business’ site of things is really lacking. There is so many young entrepreneurs like Jojo (@JoJojuaofficial) that are so inspiring, I am slowly learning what it really takes to start my own business (sooner or later!).

#29 What You Love

Do more of what you love, rather than doing something as a ‘job’ or for financial means. The more you love something, the better you will do at it.

#30 Live Today

Learn to live in the moment. You won’t be the same age forever so enjoy where you are today.

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