How to Make Your Everyday Life More Meaningful



ave you ever swept a glance over someone’s life and wondered how much more exciting their life is in comparison to yours? Do you feel like your friends seem have it all? Do they travel all the time, attend concerts, buy the latest fashion and accessories, get their nails and hair done regularly and just generally do exciting things. All. The. Time? Whether you see this in real life or on social media, is this the case?

Yes, your life can be a contrast against someone else’s especially if you’ve fallen into the measly working routine which just consists of waking up early, working, coming back home, filling up your tummy and diving into the bed completely bone-tired for the same cycle, all to have to do it again the next day. In today’s blog post you will learn small ways you can make your every-day life more meaningful, without having to really do that much at all. It’s not about what other people do, it’s what you do and how you feel in your life that makes it more meaningful.

And like I’ve said a few times on my blog before, this all starts with changing your mentality. In-fact, I’m not saying that I am perfect either. I am slowly learning to embrace a more positive attitude and to use and do certain things in my life to make me feel the way I want to. To feel fulfilled, happier, grateful and to just to smile more. It has always been a motivation of mine with LaBeaute to help empower and inspire women all over the world. If I can help you, here reading this, change your life in the smallest way possible, or help you think differently, or give you the slightest bit of motivation or inspiration, that is all you really need. And, due to the positive response I’ve received about a few of the blog posts I’ve done so far about women empowering women, teaching your brain to be more positive and how I am personally changing myself, we are now taking on-board this overwhelming positive energy and have decided to include even more blog posts about self development and self empowerment each month. On a monthly basis, we will be getting down and dirty to help transform our mental attitude towards life. Why? To ultimately make our lives better and more fulfilling.

Because, simply there is just too many of us that are living an unfulfilling life.

The good news with all of this, is that it’s never too late! Yes, like I mentioned above, a working routine can be numbing which makes our productivity slow and weekends “a common sight of you lazing around with slacks on.”  But there’s more to life than working your butt off and flinching inside at the Facebook status updates or Instagram feeds of your friends showing “what a wonderful life they have!” Having a successful life in the eyes of social media doesn’t essentially mean you have an meaningful life! Every day is a new opportunity where you get the chance to do something new, something fun whether it be something big or small, it should be something you’ve always relished doing. Something extraordinary whether each week or each month can make our life interesting and carve out the meaning of “meaningful”.

You have to ditch your slow mentality towards life, where a day spent at your desk motivates you more to yawn than to become active. You need to indulge in activities and thoughts that provide you a boost and inspire you to chase your dreams. This starts with your everyday. And obviously the seed doesn’t come from now-where, I am making a constant effort to make my life better, thanks to this blog that helps you live your life intentionally, it has inspired me to enhance my life even more. I think this is where the key to a happy and fulfilling life comes from.

LaBeaute Quote for Today: People Wait All Week for Friday, All Year for Summer and All Their Life for Happiness. So, Don’t Be One of Those People.

Make Time

You might be scratching your head at this, I mean, “Make Time, What in the Hell!!! Am I nuts? How can I do so with my current work routine and busy life? Honestly speaking, everyone can make time for matters that mean the most. There’s nothing like running out of time, every human is given an equal proportion of time and it depends on us how effectively we make use of it.

Instead, of declining your friend’s invitation to parties and get-togethers with a clipped tone, find time for yourself and lessen your refusal game a little.  If you have a good work life, you need to let down your guard slightly and participate in having fun, get-togethers with your friends and close relations. Usually, upon arriving home from work, our evenings are free and you can utilize that time socializing a bit. One informal meet-up a week won’t bite you! If you are a 9-5’er and are looking for ways to enjoy what you do, manage your work life and personal life, this is a really great place to help find balance in your life.

Snap Out Of Seriousness

I wonder how people spend half of their lives with a straight, serious face, no laughs, and no sweet-nothings. For Godness sake, don’t become a living mannequin, live a little! Handling situations in your life with a stern perspective will make things seem even harder, take events in your life reasonably, calmly and don’t stress too much!

Have you ever closed your eyes and contemplated that you’ve been living a life doing the same things over and over? Same routine, same schedule, same stance that you were following the past year? To bring instant change and get your insides warmed up, try changing or redecorating your room. Even moving furniture around can get things bubbling up. Try inviting your friends and ask them to lend you a hand painting a wall in your bedroom or your house, join a dance class or simply just meet new people, these are great ways to focus on yourself in order to make your everyday life more impactful! That can be very fun and engaging for your friendship. Just do something that can bring prompt transformation in your surroundings. Because when you are bored, you also become impatient to modification. Just by simply waking up in a differently set bedroom would make your mornings fresher, brighter and encouraging, plus not so “typical!”

Do Something You Would Never Do

I know this is very similar to the one above, but this one is more about envisioning yourself to step out of your comfort zone? And it’s not just about doing something that you have been wanting to do for a while, it’s about doing something you never thought you would do. I’ve talked about this many times before on my blog, because I too just recently stepped out of my comfort zone, you can read more about it below. It’s actually something that I am endeavoring to do more of in my life and I know so many of you probably need the encouragement to do so.

Spend time doing something that you would not see yourself doing in your entire life. For example, strike a conversation with someone you’ve never talked to, learn to cook a meal from a different country, make candles, buy something that makes you feel overindulgent (like I did here), plan to take an unplanned, impromptu mini vacation (like I did), get a totally different haircut (like I did here), go out and buy a piece of clothing in color of the year and wear it, patch things up with your enemies. All these examples, are ways you can confront a fear by not waiting for the right time to do it, just do it!

For me? There is two things that I’ve never done, that I would like to do. The first one may seem weird to many of you, but I have never done Yoga before (well I tried it for 15 minutes a few years back and it just didn’t work out, apart from it being really difficult for me as I’m not a flexible person, I just felt like I couldn’t do it). Yes I probably gave up to soon as it was so hard for me, I should have pushed through but I didn’t. It’s now something I regret. When I look at people doing Yoga now, I am always so completely intimidated by Yoga people. They always look so relaxed but glamorous by doing some of the most amazing pose. AND they make it look so effortless. This is one thing that I forgot to include on my goals that I wanted to accomplish. It’s something that I will start doing this weekend through the help of doing some yoga at home before I step into the big wide world and join a Yoga class. I think I’ll need some practice at home before I confront the trained Yoga professionals 🙂 LOL And I think it’s something that both my body and mind really needs.

The second thing I want to do is learn how to sew. I remember, back in the day LOL, many women and mothers would sew their own clothes and for their family and children. I know we have advanced so far now and it’s most often than not cheaper to buy clothes than to sew them ourselves, but I read about a blogger that sewed her own wedding dress and I was like – wow! That’s amazing! I’m already married so that’s something that I wouldn’t do LOL, but generally, I think sewing it’s actually a basic skill in life. And you know what, even if I can’t learn how to completing sew a basic piece of clothing from scratch, I’d really like to learn to work from a base layer, such as a t-shirt and be able to sew it to look different and not like how everyone else wears it that have purchased it from the same shop.

There are numerous ways to make your everyday life more meaningful. It just all comes down to determination because nothing in this life is impossible. You choose how you plan to spend your life, either with a mundane get-up and go routine, or a life that has more thrill in it than in a movie. LOL.

3 Responses
  • Brookie
    February 8, 2018

    Excellent advice. I think most of us need to ‘make time’ but you are so right in everything you say.

  • Steph
    February 15, 2018

    Elle, you always have such good advice. You always speak from the heart and it’s something I appreciate and I am sure a lot of your other readers do too. Thanx

  • Irene
    February 23, 2018

    I agree with Steph, thanks for speaking so honestly, I wish there were more people like you.

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