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get it, we all want awesome hair. Whether you’re bored of dull brown locks, looking for a sexy new look for the summer, or want the hottest celebrity trend right now, I get it. Changing your hair can be bold, exciting and can make a huge statement about yourself. But you know what the most frustrating thing about having cool hair is? We are rarely born with the color we want. Ugh! And getting the color we dream of, while stylish and beautiful, can put a major strain on our natural hair and scalp.

I recently changed my hair drastically and geez, it felt amazing. But it wasn’t until I returned home, my husband loved my ‘new look’, but he did say something along the lines of ‘are you sure that it’s really that healthy for both your hair and your overall health?’. His statement, got me thinking and hence, it’s the inspiration for today’s blog post. Today, we will talk about all the beautiful things about dying your hair, because it really is an art and a way to transform yourself, but we will also talk about the ugly things that you may have thought of a few, but other things, might just surprise you. They just might make you re-think about dying your hair, not ever, but maybe not so often!

Because when comes the beauty, also comes the beast. A lot of people like to go for the gorgeous Kim K platinum blonde. While others go for the sexy Rihanna red. Or even the bold Demi blue. I know these are extreme examples, but I know a lot of people that really like to make a state-ment with their hair. It’s not that uncommon. But even if you don’t go this dramatic, just the fact of dying your hair can have some detrimental affects.

Did you know that a study in 2008 found that nearly 75% of women dye their hair? Wow.That goes to show just how much we value the upkeep of our hair in society. Which is why if you’re planning to dye your hair — you may want to think again.

When we’re set on a color we want — girls, I get it, it’s hard for anyone to talk us out of it. We see all these beautiful women on social media, and celebrities with pastel pink hair, and we think, “If she has that, why can’t I?” But all you ever hear about are the perks of having awesome hair, no one ever wants to talk about the flaws and what it actually does to your hair, the good, the bad, the ugly.

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The Ugly About Dying Your Hair

Spaghetti Hair

I hope you’re a fan of noodles, because that’s how your hair is about to look! When we add hair dye, we’re coating our hair in very harsh chemicals that will strip away our hair’s natural gentle pigment and replace it with a new, rough color pigment. By striping hair of all it’s natural oils and proteins, which keeps it healthy and soft, you are drying your hair out very quickly. This often results in hair that looks just like overcooked spaghetti! And is that flattering to anyone? Yuck!

Stains, Stains, Stains… and More Stains!

Remember that super cute white sundress you bought last week that you were so excited to wear the party tonight? Think again. You better be ready to buy a whole new wardrobe. Some hair dyes are so strong that they will leave a stain on everything it touches (including skin). This is known as hair bleeding, which pretty much sounds exactly like it is. Your hair will bleed if you sweat, if water even thinks about touching it, or if it just feels like it. Fun, right?

Never Washing Your Hair Again… Like Ever

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys long hot showers for half an hour everyday, you better be ready for a harsh wake up call. If you want your color to stay vibrant, you’ll be lucky to have one shower per week. Washing your hair frequently, especially under hot water will open your hair cuticles, which will release the newly planted color pigment and will result in the fading and drying of your hair very quick-ly. Also, don’t forget to dry your hair using this product. Your hair will thank you for it and from my experience, it also helps retain the color and make it last longer!

X on Tanning

Doesn’t golden brown skin look good with just about every hair color? Unless you have naturally tan skin, you best keep out of the sun with dyed hair. Just as with hot water, the sun will fade your hair crazy fast! The UVA rays from the sun are so strong they can fade your hair within only a couple hours of prolonged sun exposure.

Insane, isn’t it? Of course there is always products you can put on your hair to help prevent sun fading. Such as Phytoplage Protective Sun Oil, or Aveda Sun Care Protective Veil. But after all the money you just spent to get your hair done, do you really want to be dropping more just to maintain only within the first couple days?

Chemical Burn — ouch!

Yes, we’ve all heard the horror stories of hair dying that unfortunately happens frequently for regular hair-dyers. But what is chemical burn? Chemical burn is when the chemicals placed on your hair from the dye vigorously dries out your hair, and your scalp. This can result in a very painful constant itching and burning.

I am a color-obsessed girl myself, but not as much as my close friend. She tends to go for the bright reds and platinum blondes when she colors her hair. And because she changes her hair so extreme and so frequently, she have encountered countless chemical burn scares that have turned her away from the thought of ever changing her hair again (but yet, she’s still doing it to this day…).

But before you freakout, you can take certain precautions to ensure your hair is at it’s healthiest before adding color. This can be done by seeing a hairdresser to have a look at your hair, and test a strand to make sure it is healthy enough for hair dye. Also, using various natural oils or natural shampoos, and overall just avoiding using heat or coloring regularly on your head can majorly improve the state of your hair. I personally prefer using natural virgin coconut oil as a conditioner for my go-to method. Also, don’t forget to constantly provide nourishment to your hair by giving it the world famous argan oil which is the only oil, apart from coconut oil as a conditioner, that you should be using on your hair. It is a perfect, inexpensive solution for reviving damaged & dry hair.

Have I scared the thought of changing your hair out of you yet? I know, I know… once you start thinking about coloring your hair, it becomes addictive & excit-ing! And isn’t that what life is about? Don’t forget to check out this blog for some tips and tricks on how to look after your hair aswell as some reviews of haircare, skincare and beauty products.

Well, enough horror stories… what about some perks? There has to be some, right? Of course, and to us, they make it all worth it!

Why We Are Addicted To Dying Our Hair as Women


It’s no mystery that changing up your hair color can make you feel sexy and give you a major confident boost. It’s something new, exciting, and bold. A study done in 2008 showed that around 88% percent of women felt that their hair has a major play in their confidence level. In my own experience, I have found myself smiling more with my ‘new hair’. I’m overall happier, and complimenting myself more than I ever have. When you feel good, you look good, and trust me — everybody can when you’re confident! So if you’re thinking about taking that step — go for it! If you’ve got it, flaunt it girl!


Of course having bright pink hair or dark blue hair will make you unique and stand out. Hair color is like a tattoo, makeup, or a piece of clothing — it gives you the opportunity to express your unique style and image to the world. So, embrace the purple with red streaks. Confidence is key, and you better be prepared for all the compliments you’re about to receive!

A New Start

Basically, we wipe the slate clean. Many women want a new, stylish, refreshing look after a break-up or starting a new chapter in their life. What better what to start new with a fresh do that’s gonna rock the world? New hair, new you, right? Forget about the boys, and go slay the fashion industry with your own hot new trend!

It Makes YOU Happy

Most of all, changing up your hair color makes you happy. If you’re upset about the color you have now, just remember, you can always change it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or what they think, as long as you’re happy with your rainbow streaked hair, then so are we! Be yourself, and embrace it! Strut your stuff, and love every second of your beautiful new hair!

Overall, if you’re looking for a change and might just be looking to do it for your hair, we think you should go for it! Despite the risks, changing your hair in your own unique way is a beautiful piece of art that you should be proud to share. Just make sure you take the proper precautions to protect your hair and ensure it is the healthiest it can be before making a change.

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